Restaurant Video Marketing: Why Your Restaurant Should Invest in Video


restaurant video marketing


Restaurant video marketing is quickly becoming hospitality’s leading media marketing format.

Millions of people around the world are now employing the art of video to showcase their businesses and attract online and offline traffic.

The visual impact that video has triumphs over every other type of media. It’s about time restaurants started utilizing it to their advantage.

Restaurants in particular are a business model that is easy to broadcast via video. As lifestyle and food become increasingly popular topics on social media platforms, restaurant owners should place their focus on how far video marketing can take their business.

Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are all digital spaces that users flock to for their daily dose of online video consumption.

If your restaurant plays its cards right, the millions of people who regularly traverse these platforms seeking fresh video content could be your next customers.

In this article, we’ll outline the reasons why restaurant video marketing could be the key to unlocking sustainable success for your brand.

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Restaurant Video Marketing: Why Your Restaurant Should Invest in Video:


1. Video showcases your restaurant space
2. Video develops a strong online presence
3. Amplifies curiosity about your restaurant
4. Use video to promote a new menu
5. Leave a positive impression on guests
6. Promote awareness for your restaurant
7. What to focus on when marketing your restaurant with video


1. Video showcases your restaurant space


One of the many benefits of creating and uploading video content about your restaurant is that it showcases the space to people from all over the world.


showcase your venues space

Before people can show interest in your restaurant, they need to be introduced to it in an attractive manner. Video can help you achieve that.

You can use video to highlight your restaurant’s best features and excite potential customers to come and visit.


2. Video develops a strong online presence


In 2021, having a strong online presence is fundamental for any business.

Brands can reach a much wider audience of potential customers, and cultivate a strong, positive reputation amongst loyal followers.


restaurant video marketing for online presence

What’s more, an active and regularly updated online presence can serve as a second website that is far more likely to see high traffic numbers than your official webpage.

Video is currently the most popular form of media around. Utilizing restaurant video marketing will help keep your brand identity strong and on par with international trends.


3. Amplifies curiosity about your restaurant


To attract new customers, your restaurant needs to spark their interest.

If you can get people curious about your business, it will significantly increase the chances of them paying you a visit.


sandwich restaurant

Videos are an immersive tool, able to stimulate the mind in ways that other media formats simply cannot. If you can use the visual impact of video as a tool for igniting curiosity and amplifying interest, you could wind up with more than a few new customers.


4. Use video to promote a new menu


Something extremely popular on social media platforms right now are recipe and food preparation videos.

People like to watch them for entertainment as well as inspiration for their own home cooking. And if they like a video enough, they might re-watch it several times or share it with their own followers.


Use video to promote your new menu

If your restaurant is working on an exciting new menu, use video to your advantage by capturing the chef’s preparation process.

Even a simple video of someone biting into a freshly made pastry can receive a lot of media attention – just make sure it looks irresistible!


5. Leave a positive impression on guests


Many people like to Google search a restaurant before making a booking. Videos – and an online presence in general – helps newcomers to see your brand in a positive light before they’ve even arrived at the building.


positive impressions

You can use video to accentuate the elegance, style, ethos, and overall concept of your restaurant, leaving a positive impression on guests both new and old.


6. Promote awareness for your restaurant


If your restaurant is struggling to make ends meet, it might be because not enough people know that it exists.

Creating beautiful visual content about your restaurant can not only encourage online interest. It can also increase your local community’s awareness, too.


restaurant video marketing and awareness

You need locals to know exactly who you are, what you do, and why they should definitely come to your restaurant.

The immersive nature of video can provide your restaurant with the spotlight it needs to boost foot traffic and sales.


7. What to focus on when marketing your restaurant with video


If the idea of restaurant video marketing appeals to you but you’re still not sure how to go about it, here are some expert-approved pointers to help get you started.

When creating a video-based marketing strategy, bear these points in mind:


Layout And Location

The location of your restaurant plays a large role in how people will respond to the video content. Locals will want to know where you are situated, and those from afar will enjoy getting to see your space from an inside perspective.


Trending Food Items

Following food trends is absolutely essential if you want your restaurant video marketing to really take off. Every day, thousands of food videos are uploaded onto social media sites, and consistently rank amongst the highest viewed videos.


what to focus on when creating a video for a venue

If you can emulate the styles and ingredients present in other trending food videos, you will have a much stronger chance of receiving attention.


Smiling Staff

Online viewers like to feel as though they have been included in something greater than themselves.

By featuring your staff members (waitron, bartenders, and chefs alike) doing what they do best, your restaurant can quickly gain a positive reputation.


Food Preparation And Recipes

Cooking, baking, and meal kits have become hugely trendy with the pandemic, and you can capitalize on this to attract attention.

Without giving away all your secrets, try out a couple of videos that teach viewers how to replicate a classic menu item – or simply let them marvel at how talented your chefs are.


Wrapping up


A recent report states that 99% of marketers considered video content as an important part of their marketing strategy in 2021.

Video is an undeniably important aspect of current marketing methods. Implementing restaurant video marketing into your strategy could be the catalyst for the positive change you deserve (and have probably been waiting for).


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Videos are a versatile media format that restaurants of every shape and size can utilize to expand their brand reputation and stabilize their position in the future of restaurant marketing.

Ready to boost your brand? Grab that camera!

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