TikTok for Bars: How to Get Noticed


TikTok for bars


This article explores how TikTok for bars can be incredibly effective for getting people to venues.

can Whether you recently opened a bar or you’ve been managing one for a while, you’re probably looking for new ways to promote.

Be it beer lovers or sports fans, chances are you can easily find your new customers online.

The first thing you should do is identify your demographics. Then you should proceed to share social media posts, focusing on social media platforms you can easily work with.

Still, there’s one platform that’s different from all others. It takes a while to get the hang of it and learn all the tricks for a better reach, but once you do, the magic happens.

This social media platform is relatively new, but it can provide you with tools to promote any bar like never before.

TikTok for bars: how to get noticed


1. What you need to know about TikTok
2. Here’s how TikTok can help you out
3. Create videos with a theme
4. Communicate the atmosphere
5. Find the correct trending sounds
6. Create a branded effect
7. Host live events
8. Utilize TikTok challenges
9. Connect with local influencers


1. What you need to know about TikTok


TikTok provides a new way of communication with the audience. The most common content includes short videos accompanied by a trending sound that helps rank the content.

All videos are mostly grouped by the sounds, and there are ways to research which sound will be the next best thing.

Hashtags are also important for ranking, but users usually post hashtags closely related to the video theme and the sound.


TikTok for bars


The biggest catch with TikTok is that it serves content based on what users liked and interacted with, but many like to see innovative videos.

The most common audience is Gen Zers, although more Millennials started joining in, together with older generations.

This means that your promotional options are endless, and you’ll likely find your target customers on the app.

However, some people find it harder to manage video editing on the app. You can use many filters and tools to create high-quality videos, but you might not enjoy the learning curve.


2. Here’s how TikTok can help you out


Video content is one of the best methods of communication with your future customers.

This is why TikTok is ideal for getting new people to visit your bar.

Additionally, it shows videos based on location, so you’ll have a higher chance of getting noticed.


How TikTok can help bars

It also helps you with:

Better engagement
Potential partnerships
Advertising and beating competition

This is how to utilize the platform for the best marketing results.


3. Create videos with a theme


You can start with recording short, to-the-point videos of your bar, staff, or guests who want to help.

Then, present the drinks that you serve and show how you serve them to your customers.


Videos with a theme


If you do cocktails, make sure to utilize the longer video feature to showcase how you make them.

Think of recording videos with such a theme that you’re always recognizable once you pop up on the For You page.

You can also include your logo on the videos for improved brand awareness.


4. Communicate the atmosphere


Since most TikTok videos are short, you should work on communicating the atmosphere of your bar immediately.

Show the vibe of your bar by posting relevant videos of happy customers or staff members.


Communicate the atmosphere

This will tell your future customers how people feel when they visit you, what’s the vibe of your bar, and what they can expect once they walk through the door.


5. Find the correct trending sounds


Sounds are key on TikTok. After all, it started out as a platform for dancing and lip-syncing.

Of course, this means you’ll have to use trending sounds to get better engagement. Still, you should pay attention to the lyrics.



Sometimes the sounds may not match your bar’s brand and vibe. In these circumstances, it’s okay to record using your sound or look for the upcoming trends.

Browse new content and sounds via the Discover tab to see what’s popular in your area.


6. Create a branded effect


If you wish to go further with your bar promotion, you can create a branded effect for others to have fun with.

Effects will help others enhance their stories while promoting your bar in their videos. They’re immersive and fun, and that’s why the community loves them.


Branded event


You can use the overlaying sticker or a frame or let users unlock images, texts or objects.

Again, consider the theme of your videos and your bar’s niche to make a suitable effect.


7. Host live events


Once you reach a certain number of followers, you’ll have the option to live stream events.

This is a great way to be in direct contact with your potential customers and show them what your bartenders can serve.


Host live events

Think of a series of tutorials to teach your customers how to make your famous cocktails or live stream the band that you hosted for the event at your bar.


8. Utilize TikTok challenges


Challenges are a great way to get more engagement on every social media, and TikTok is no different.

Create a hashtag for your bar and invite your regulars to post content and spread the word about what you have to offer.




Encourage your new customers to share what they ordered and include your hashtag.

Finally, offer giveaways for those that have the most likes on the content with your tag.


9. Connect with local influencers


Since this network is ideal for local businesses, you can also reach out to local influencers and agree on the campaign.

The good thing is that you don’t need specific niche influencers to promote your bar.




Whoever is famous in your area can help you out by sharing your content or coming to your place to record a video.

Still, you should focus on influencers who are in touch with your target audience.


Summing up


Getting famous online has never been easier, and that goes for individuals, online shops, and restaurants or bars.

If you already know how Facebook and Twitter work, it’s time to move on to TikTok.

It’s the latest social media platform that attracts millions of users.

TikTok for bars is great for locals as its algorithms show videos based on location.

It might take you some time to handle all its features, but you can host live events and create an account that’ll draw your visitors in.

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