We notify our users if they come within
100 yards of your venue. Perfectly timed
location based advertising can get more
people into your venue.


Over 95,000 active users are checking in to venues on Bloc. We connect people before events and reward our users for attending venues.

We can drive our users to your venue. You only pay £2 if one of our users attends using geo-location technology. You get your perfect result, a physical customer in your venue, spending.


Our users are highly active as they are rewarded ⭐ when they check-in & attend a venue. When they have collected enough stars, they can exchange them for real money.

Our users are rewarded 6 ⭐ instead of 3 ⭐ if if they check-in to a featured venue. By advertising with us our users will be more motivated to check-in and attend your venue.


People can find popular venues in their area on our interactive map.

Bloc AI

Bloc uses an AI algorithm to suggest venues that are relevant to the user.

Bloc connect

Our users can see who else is checked in and connect with people before they go.

Do you want to increase your customer base? By advertising with us, you can increase the number of check-ins to your venue.