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Bloc adverts get more people to your venue or event.

Bloc is a free social events app that connects people before events (click here to download Bloc or search ‘Bloc’ on the app store).
It’s a unique & effective approach to venue and event marketing.

Dynamic adverts

  • Users check-in via your advert
  • Users connect with people before they go
  • Increase clicks to your website

Target a relevant audience

  • Over 1 million check-ins & growing
  • Powerful location based targeting that works
  • Organic reach to the 18-35 demographic


  • Fixed monthly cost with 14 days free trial
  • Unlimited reach, clicks & check-ins
  • Cancel at anytime

Proven results.

Venues & event planners are growing their business with Bloc ads.
Here’s what they’re saying.

Leila Fitt

Leila Fitt

“Bloc is a great addition to our strategy and at only £50 per month Bloc only needs to bring us a couple of people per month for the cost to be covered. We’re actually seeing 10-20x return on the investment month on month. When you compare the results & pricing with other platforms there’s only one winner as Bloc isn’t PPC & everything is unlimited. It’s such a bargain!”

Leila Fitt, Cellar Society


Josh Vintner-Jackson

“Embargo Republica is already a very identifiable brand, but not only is Bloc driving more people to us they are bringing a new element to the night out. The fact our customers can connect with each other before they come creates so much long-term value.”

Josh Vintner-Jackson, Urban Monkey


Adam Wright

“Thanks to Bloc ads, we have seen an increase in check-ins to our various venues. It’s a placement that allows us to make very direct, totally visual advertisements. It’s a pretty unique medium that fits in so well with our marketing strategy and the results speak for themselves. The ROI is much better than any other platform we use, it’s amazing value. On top of that, it’s being used by our target more and more everyday.

Adam Wright, London Grind

1. Create your advert

Click ‘Create Advert’ and fill out the simple form including basic details and the ad creative.

2. Payment

Once you are happy with your advert you will need to set up your payment. This is a fixed monthly cost or a one-off payment depending on the package you choose.

3. Approval

You will receive an email (usually within 24 hours) when your advert has been approved and is ready to run.

4. Reporting

You can simply login to view the results of your advert including number of impressions, clicks and check-ins.

Start today with a 14 day free trial & see the results for yourself. No commitment. Cancel at anytime.

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