New Venue Technology to Use in 2021


Venue technology


There is a lot of new venue technology you can use in 2021 to separate your venue from the competition and to increase chances of success.

We are living in the digital era.

Everywhere you look you see screens and fancy gadgets that would have been nothing more than a far-fetched dream before a century ago.

Although there are certain downsides when it comes to technology that needs to be addressed, the rapid pace of digital advancements has changed our lives for the better.

Nowadays, you can do nearly everything online from buying products to checking out the latest headlines.

Technology has also enabled businesses to weather the pandemic. Lots of businesses had to shift online, which was done with the help of advanced tech.

But many people don’t realize the sheer scope of technology, and as a result of this, they were at a major disadvantage.

If you’re a venue owner or an event manager and are looking for innovative technologies to help you out, this article might show you some insights.


Virtual Reality at Venues


There are a multitude of digital products that are available for venues. However, it’s important to pick the right ones.

Some of these products might seem like they’re not worth the expensive price tag, and they aren’t very practical to use. As a result, you end up spending money on items that you don’t need, or you could even buy clunky devices that lower your efficiency instead of increasing it.

Before making a choice, it’s important to get as much information as you possibly can.

So how do you choose the right venue technology for you?

We’re going to list a few of the most exciting technological tools on the market that you can use to create a unique experience for your customers.

You can use the links below to jump to the new venue technology you want to read about:


1. Bloc
2. POS Systems
3. Projection-Mapping
4. QR Codes
5. Virtual Reality (VR)


1. Bloc


Our app, Bloc, is a location based social events platform that can help to draw customers to your venue.

We’re sure that you’ve used a location app before. They’re a convenient and easy way to find your way around unfamiliar places without getting lost.

Now, although these apps are quite helpful, they don’t seem like they can be useful as venue technology. However, what if we told you that Bloc can attract customers to your venue by paying them to do so?

Bloc is quite unique from the other apps in the market because it’s a tool that helps customers to get their perfect venue and we reward people for attending venues.


Bloc App


When a user needs to find a venue, Bloc will recommend places to them that are based on their location.

If the user checks in to a venue on Bloc and physically attends the venue (tracked by geo-location) they earn stars on Bloc. Stars are Bloc’s in-app currency and once a user has collected over 500 of them, they can exchange them for real money.

The biggest payout is £250 when a user collects 1000 stars.

This gives customers an incentive to keep using the app. It also ensures that venues that have signed up to the app get a constant stream of customers with minimal effort.

Bloc is an advertising technology that venues can take advantage of. There’s even a free trial for venues to test the service to see how it works.


2. POS Systems


A Point-of-Sale system is a technology that is fairly popular among most venues but some POS systems are much more advanced than others.

POS systems come in a huge variety of types to give venues the ability to make their sales process much more efficient.

It’s possible to get systems that are suited for small businesses and don’t require high-end processes.

There are also systems that are expansive and meant for huge venues that have to deal with multiple customers at once. But is sales technology necessary to make your business run more smoothly?

You may not realize how much time people spend waiting for their transaction to be completed, but this time can add up.


POS System


It’s simply not possible for a company to carry out sales quickly without an automated POS system.

Furthermore, a few small errors can lead to a loss in your overall profits, which ends up hurting your business in the long run.

A POS system will solve all of these issues, while also enabling you to focus on more important areas of your venue.

These systems are able to adapt to fit the needs of your business, which makes them a must-have piece of venue technology.

Let’s say you own a small restaurant business and require a POS system to help you carry out your orders.

In that case, you can look up certain systems that use smartphones to carry out their functions. This will allow you to get a relatively lightweight system that can automate all your sales.

Lookup POS options in your area and you’re sure to find one that suits your system the best.


3. Projection-Mapping


If instead of tools that help with efficiency, you’re on the lookout for venue technology that will add a unique aesthetic, projection mapping might be able to give you exactly what you need.

It is a great way of showcasing your venue.

Most establishments tend to have a few screens to give their customers some extra entertainment; but apart from this, screens don’t add much to the aesthetics of a venue.

Projection mapping can give you the ability to change the atmosphere of your venue completely.

There are a few different ways in which you can use this tool. You could add patterns and different designs to walls to transform the venue.


Projection Mapping


This will allow you to change your decor without it being permanent. Or you can also display cinema or various locations on the walls if you’re hosting a special event.

There are also interactive projection mapping tools available that will let your guests explore different topics like the layout of the venue.

This allows your business to show certain maps or objects in a fun and exciting way.

When it comes to projection mapping, the sky is truly the limit, and this is an opportunity to let your creativity run wild.

We often don’t see technology as a design tool, but projection mapping gives you the ability to alter the appearance of your surroundings, which can go a long way in providing a fresh new look to your venue.


4. QR Codes


QR codes can save you a ton of time and hassle.

Have you ever been confused at an event and had no one to help you?

Maybe you’ve visited a restaurant, sat down and there aren’t enough menus for everyone in your party?

These are very common problems that QR codes are trying to solve. Users simply scan the QR code with their smartphones and a destination like a URL automatically appears on their phones.

When you’re planning an event or organizing a venue, it’s important to make sure that your customers have access to all the information they need.

QR codes are perfect for this task because they’re small, easy to put up, and don’t take a ton of effort on your part.


QR Codes


They’re also able to limit physical contact, which will keep your venue much more hygienic overall.

Your customers can just scan a QR code and get access to a website containing all the required information.

But that’s not the only way to use QR codes.

These codes can link to any website or app of your choice, so you can use them for a multitude of tasks depending on your business.

So, if you’re an establishment that serves food items, why not try to automate your entire ordering process?

All the customer has to do is scan the QR code given at their table and order what they’re craving.

This way, your staff is able to work without the added pressure of having to rush to tables to take orders.

You could also use QR codes to give your sponsors an added bonus marketing tool like a coupon code.

These codes can go a long way in making your venue work much better.


5. Virtual Reality (VR)


Virtual Reality is a type of technology that prides itself in giving the user an immersive form of media.

VR can be quite a unique form of entertainment because it adds a new dimension for you to plan around.

The freedom that it gives your customers is sure to attract a ton of attention.

VR can give your customers a way to be present at your venue without actually physically going there.

Certain businesses have already started to offer tours with the help of this VR venue technology.


Virtual Reality Venue Technology


This way, customers can move through the venue and see exactly what they can look forward to the next time they go to the place.

They’ll be able to move through the entire area as if they were standing in it and will be able to look at everything they want to.

The COVID pandemic has also made crowd gatherings difficult, so a VR event gives companies the ability to host their event without putting the participants at risk.

This type of technology is still undergoing many changes and is becoming better by the day.

All in all, VR tech offers customers a new way to experience your venue, which makes it an excellent marketing tool for your company.


Summing up


We hope that this article has given you a bit of useful inspiration that will assist you when you’re updating your venue.

When you’re looking for venue technology, you need to remember that the ultimate goal of these tools is to improve your customer’s experience.

If you’re introducing a fancy new gadget that looks great but adds nothing to the overall customer experience, that tool simply becomes dead weight.

Flashy products like a screen or even projection mapping can also change the decor of your venue, so keep that in mind when you’re checking out these types of technologies.

The best technology for venues tends to be tools that are a bit more subtle in nature.


Venue technologies


These gadgets might seem insignificant at first, but they can transform your venue for the better.

Although getting used to them might take some time, the results are certainly worth the trouble.

Your team will be able to work seamlessly at a much quicker pace, which will improve your profits considerably.

It’s clear that venue technology is only going to improve in the coming years, and embracing these new technologies is certain to put your venue ahead of the curve.

Looking for more informative content about venues but not sure where to find it? Well, in that case, consider checking out our blog page which is filled to the brim with venue-related articles.

You could also sign up for a free trial of Bloc to see if this venue technology is for you.

Lots of venues have already signed up with us and we can guarantee that once you try our app, you won’t be disappointed.

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