How to Promote Your Venue – 7 Promotional Tips for Your Venue Business


How to promote your venue


As a venue business owner, you must learn how to promote your venue efficiently. You need to ensure you have a solid marketing strategy in place.

Constantly working on your promotional activities is essential to stay in the game.

You need to think of new, unique marketing strategies to guarantee that your venue gets the attention it deserves.

This will be possible only if you have a robust marketing plan.
It will help you set your business aside from hundreds of others out there.

Apart from overall marketing, you need to focus more on digital marketing, as most people prefer booking venues online.

So, if you’re looking to revamp your marketing strategies and wondering how to promote your venue effectively, we’ve got a few tips for you.

Let’s run you through some of these converting marketing ideas for your venue business.

How to promote your venue – 7 promotional tips for your venue business.


1. List your venue on Google
2. Create an amazing website
3. Have an impressive social media presence
4. Promote your venue on Bloc
5. Get creative with the décor
6. Work on the culture of your venue
7. Give people reasons to visit your venue


1. List your venue on Google


This is the first and one of the most important things you need to do because Google is where most of your potential customers will find you.

If you don’t have a widespread online presence, customers will never know your venue.

The best part about Google is that it offers excellent tools to aid business owners to market themselves effectively. These tools will help you boost your online as well as offline visibility instantly.

All you need to do is sign up on the Google My Business account.


Google My Business


List your business on Google via this account, and your venue business will appear in the search results every time someone looks out for a venue in your locality.

With Google My Business, you have to enter all essential details that would get prospectively listed in the search results.

These details include the name of your business, the address, website, and contact details (email and phone number) – as all of these details ensure your clients have easy access to you.

You can also go a step ahead and add images of your venue so that people can have a thorough look before they book your venue.

Ensure that your “Business” is updated now and then so that customers have access to the latest information to reach you.

Likewise, you can add in fresh images, as they add to the credibility of your venue.


Google for Businesses


On the other hand, your customers can put in their bit to help market your venue, too – all they have to do is drop good reviews and ratings.

It will help boost the ranking of your business. Also, it would help show your business in a good light among prospective clients and increase bookings for your venue.


2. Create an amazing website


No, the importance of a website for your business is not overhyped.

Instead, the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies depends on how good your website is.

You need to have a website that speaks of who you are as a brand.

Ensure you add in personal touches as you create your website, as only you, as a business owner, can convey what your brand is all about in a more effective way.

Everything, right from the website’s color scheme to the font and ultimately the content that goes onto it, is essential.


How to promote a venue with websites


As you build your website, you need to weave SEO practices into it too.

SEO tools are great to give your website a boost, thus improving its visibility.

An SEO-friendly website will feature right at the top when it comes to search rankings.

One way to ensure you have a good ranking is to keep updating it with blogs, images, videos, or anything you think would add value to your website. Hire a content writer to write SEO-optimized blogs.

Curating interesting website content will ensure your site has enough traffic all around the year.

The only way to beat the digital world algorithms is to keep churning out content regularly. For this, a content calendar would help.

Your content would be a lot more organized, and you can also assign days for when you would upload content on your website and social media platforms.


Web design for businesses


Your website needs to be super-friendly, and customers must be able to figure out the navigation quickly.

Keep it simple and accessible yet creative. Also, a website needs to be compatible with all devices – it needs to be well-suited for desktops, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

Most websites out there aren’t mobile-friendly, and this definitely won’t work in favor of businesses.

Most people research and book venues via their smartphones. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website is necessary.


3. Have an impressive social media presence


Social media is the backbone of digital marketing.

Without an exceptional social media presence, you cannot expect your business to get noticed, especially in the online world.

Presence on all popular social media platforms is essential – be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even Snapchat.

Understanding the dynamics of different social media platforms is important.

Eye-catching images, reels, and witty content work well for Instagram, whereas Twitter is all about crisp and quirky content.

For long-form content, you can choose Facebook. You also need to understand the type of audience on these social media platforms and direct content accordingly.


How to promote a venue with social media


Fresh, unique content thrives on social media – don’t get repetitive or boring, or the audience would lose interest.

For example, you can post pictures of different events in your venues, the splendid décor, and the overall vibe.

This would give people a glimpse of what your venue can offer. These are important aspects on which people ultimately decide whether or not to book your venue.

Also, keywords play an essential role in social media – nailing your keyword game will help your social media posts to get the proper visibility.

Social media posts that aren’t accompanied by keywords won’t have a wide reach.

So instead, use tools that would help you find the popular keywords. Then, use them with your posts.

Ensure you post at the right time and watch the magic take place!


4. Promote your venue on Bloc


If you’re looking for different ways for how to promote your venue then technology is alway a good place to look.

While there are many other social media events platforms out there, Bloc takes a slightly different approach.

It offers features like no other platform, making it a preferred choice amongst venue business owners for promotional activities. This is mainly because it’s pay-per-result and not pay per impression or click like most other platforms.

It is a free app available on both Android and iOS and venues can advertise to every Bloc user within a 10-mile radius. Users can then check-in to the venue and be rewarded for attending.

People heading to the same event can also connect before the event happens.


Bloc Advertising

For every event a user attends, they get a star. Once guests have collected enough stars, they can exchange them for real money. This financially incentivizes users to head to the events happening near them.

When you sign up to Bloc’s advertising platform your venue can be exposed to thousands of people instantly in 4 different placements on the app.

Getting users to check into your venue and posting it on Bloc increases your popularity on the app.

Social proofing is an excellent way to get countless users to visit your venue and enjoy all the events happening there.

For starters, you can try out the app for free, see how it works and how you can benefit from it.


5. Get creative with the décor


People love visiting places that have a certain vibe and that stay with them in terms of memory.

So, after certain intervals of time, you need to make sure that you revamp the décor of your venue. This would draw more and more customers in, helping boost your revenues.

And yes, you don’t need to spend a huge amount to make your venue appealing.

You can do it even with a limited budget.


Funky Decor for venues


All you need to do is introduce aspects that would add to the saleable points of your venue.

Get to know what the crowd wants, take feedback, and ask them how you can improve.

Add imaginative corners to your place, creative enough for people to stand there and capture photos.

Do understand that lovely interiors will encourage people to capture photos, which they will post on social media in turn.

Now that’s a great way to market your venue indirectly. So even if it costs you a little, work on the décor of your venue and watch the crowds trickling in to experience the beautiful ambiance.


6. Work on the culture of your venue


If at all there’s anything that stays in the minds and hearts of guests who visit you, it has to be the way you made them feel.

Guests love to be pampered and treated well, so ensure you have a well-trained staff. The staff needs to be trained to handle all types of situations in a courteous, respectful manner.

Likewise, don’t compromise on the quality of the services you offer.


How to promote your venue with culture


Right from food, drinks, to even cleanliness and hygiene – everything deserves enough attention.

In the times we live in, maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance.

People are looking out for places that go beyond and offer excellent quality services. Your venue can be one of those, too – all you need is a little planning, effort, and implementation!

The whole culture of your venue should resonate with everything you offer.

Say, for example, you have a retro restaurant. You need to have all the elements in place that would scream retro.

Be it the way the staff dresses, the way you serve the food, the restaurant’s color theme, or even the food, it must be all perfect to the T.


Venue culture


Also, in this aspect, you need to understand the type of audience visiting your venue and their expectations.

If you wish to make your place appealing to all categories, you need to work on it accordingly.

Sit back, think of all the unique and exciting stuff you can incorporate into your venue. Also, make sure it’s in line with what you promise to offer. The crowds will follow.


7. Give people reasons to visit your venue


Again, this requires out-of-the-box thinking.

If you offer the same things others do, the probability that customers would visit your venue is low.

But if you offer something unique, crowds will flock to your venue to check out what’s new and different.

The best part about this marketing tip is that there’s no shortage of ideas.


Reasons to visit a venue


You can do anything and everything – be it a big or small budget idea – to encourage customers to hop into your venue.

Host events and promotional activities and give visitors a unique experience worth remembering.

You may be investing a lot in this already, but you need to buckle up and think differently.

Don’t be afraid to explore new avenues – you never know what may work in your favor!

So go ahead and experiment because that’s what will differentiate your venue from hundreds of others out there.


Summing up


Your role doesn’t end with establishing a business.

The challenging part starts after you set one up.

Every day, you have to think and plan ways to keep getting a steady footfall in your business. And more importantly, these ways have to be unique and not repetitive.

A venue business is no exception.

You might not be able to figure out ways of how to pull crowds to your business or may run out of ideas.

In that case, look for a marketing team that would help you figure it all out.

We’ve listed out a bunch of ideas for how to promote your venue, which you can try out as well!

Good luck with marketing your venue.

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