How exactly does Bloc help venues get more customers?

Bloc Newsfeed Ad Helps Venues Get More CustomersBloc is a powerful tool for getting venues more customers. It’s a unique approach to venue marketing.

Below we look at some frequently asked questions that will help answer the biggest question, how exactly does Bloc help venues get more customers.

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1. What is Bloc?
2. Why do people use Bloc and why are they engaged?
3. Who uses Bloc?
4. Why advertise on Bloc?
5. How much does Bloc cost?
6. How does the advertising work with bookings?
7. What type of venues advertise on Bloc?
8. How do I advertise on Bloc?

1. What is Bloc?

Bloc is a free social events app that pays people to attend venues and connects people before events. You can download it here.


2. Why do people use Bloc and why are they engaged?

Our users can earn real money by checking in and attending venues.

We have our own reward system so our users are highly active. Users collect stars by performing certain actions in the app such as checking in. Once they have collected enough stars they can exchange them for real money. For example 1000 stars = £250.


Getting more customers with Bloc


To discover new venues to attend.

Bloc’s main feature is to check-in to venues, so our users are distinctively looking for venues to check-in to and attend.

Users can discover new venues to check-in to based on other peoples check-ins but also through Bloc’s advertising.

We push advertised venues to all of the users within a 10 mile radius of the venue. So a very relevant audience can discover a venue that is advertised on Bloc.

To connect with other Bloc users at events.

Bloc is a social app so people can make new friends, date and network on it. When a user checks in to a venue, they can see everyone else who has checked in as well.

The more check-ins a venue has, the more likely more people will check-in through organic reach.


3. Who uses Bloc?

We have over 500k users in the UK with 150k users in London. We are growing rapidly and are always looking to increase our user base even more.

Over 200k people are checking into a venue at least once a month and 30k are checking in to a venue at least once a week.


Bloc User


Our user demographic is 18-35 years old. The largest proportion of users are 22-28 professionals.


4. Why advertise on Bloc?

1. Bloc is the only advertising platform for venues where advertisers only pay for their perfect result. Your perfect result is a customer in your venue spending.

We track our users who have checked into an advertiser (using geo-location), so you only pay if one of our users is in your venue. It’s win-win and risk-free.


Bloc App


2. It’s free to create your ad as impressions and clicks are free. We only charge for check-ins on Bloc and if they are successfully tracked to your venue.

If we don’t bring you anyone, then you don’t pay.

3. It’s maintenance free and easy to get setup. You just need to simply create your ad and then you can let it ride. There’s no extra work for you.

4. It’s only £2 (inc. VAT) per customer that we bring you. Your always going to profit from Bloc ads as you’re only charged if they’re in your venue and most customers will spend a lot more than £2. The average spend in the UK is £25.

5. It’s fully measurable. You can login and view your results.

We let you know how many people have seen your ad, how many clicks it’s got and how many check-ins your venue has had.


Bloc Analytics


As well as this, when a user has attended we send them a compulsory review to complete after 24 hours. We ask them to rate their experience out of 5, ask them to write a written review and also let us know their approximate spend. This is only seen by you but is a way for you to keep track of who Bloc has brought you.


5. How much does Bloc cost?

It’s free to create an ad on Bloc. This is pushed to every single user within a 10 mile radius of your venue. Impressions and clicks to your chosen URL are also free.

We only charge you if a user checks in on Bloc and actually attends (we track this using geo-location). This is only £2 inc. VAT. If they are in your venue, that means they should be spending too, so it’s risk-free advertising.

Oh, and did we mention you also get £150 free ad credit to trial the check-in side of Bloc ads? So you’ll get 75 free customers so you can trial it.

It’s risk-free, budget friendly and you can only make a profit.


6. How does the advertising work with bookings?

Bloc is not a bookings platform, we just simply advertise your venue. You can choose any URL you like for your Bloc ad, so this can direct people to your booking platform or your website.

You are only charged by Bloc for the check-in and if they actually go.


Get more customers with Bloc ads

We understand you might not want a Bloc user to check-in and book via a 3rd party booking platform because then you will be paying twice for that customer.

To get around this you can direct a Bloc user to a landing page of your choice with your chosen URL, where they can book directly with you. Alternatively, you can suggest this in your ad copy with a phone number or email address.

7. What type of venues advertise on Bloc?

Every single venue in the world is actually on Bloc. Our users can check-in to any venue they like.

However, Bloc’s advertising raises awareness of venues so people are more likely to check-in there. Advertised venues get 15x more customers compared to non-advertised venues. There are 4 placements on Bloc where an advertised venue is pushed.

Bloc 100 Yard Notification

All types of venues can advertise on Bloc, including bars, restaurants, pubs, cafes and even nightclubs. Our users are looking to check-in to all types of venues. We have had success with every type of venue advertising with Bloc.


8. How do I advertise on Bloc 

It’s really easy to advertise on Bloc. Simply create your ad by telling us some basic details about your venue. You will need to choose a photo or video and also tell us a bit about your venue, two or three lines is perfect.

When you create your ad, £150 free ad credit will be automatically added to your account.

There are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime.

Why not give it a try and start getting more customers today.

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