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The purpose of Bloc’s advertising placements is to raise awareness of venues inside Bloc so our users check in there and go.

It’s an effective medium for driving customers to venues like restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and even nightclubs.

When a venue signs up to Bloc’s advertising platform all they need to do is create their newsfeed ad.

They then automatically get 3 more additional placements that drive check-ins throughout the app.

When a venue signs up they get £150 free ad credit which is 75 new customers at £2 per customer.

Bloc’s advertising is a powerful tool for venue marketing and is one of the only pay-per-result mediums of its kind.


Bloc’s Newsfeed Ad:


Bloc’s newsfeed ad works very similarly to Facebook or Instagram newsfeed ads whereby an image or video is shown along with ad-copy showcasing the venue.

Bloc’s newsfeed is unique in the sense that only venues can advertise on Bloc.

There is no noise from unwanted ads and it’s highly relevant for our users.

Our users are on Bloc to find and check-in to venues so our newsfeed ad compliments and enhances our service.

The newsfeed ad is also extremely localised as it only shows to people within 10 miles of the venue being advertised.

So our users won’t be advertised to by venues that are not within distance of being realistically attended.

Venues can take advantage of this type of marketing by creating beautiful ads showcasing their venue with photos or even videos.


Bloc's Newsfeed Ad


Venues create their own ads which includes the ad-copy. Here they can define their USPs or even offer a deal to entice customers there.

Venues can trial the service today with £150 ad credit to get a feel of how the newsfeed ads work.


Bloc’s Stardom:


When venues create their newsfeed ad, one of the first automatic placements is a star on Bloc’s interactive map.

If a user has checked into a venue on a specific date, that venue will get a Bloc logo so other users can navigate to this event on the map.

If a venue is advertising with us, this logo changes to a star which means they can stand out from the local competition.

Our testing indicates that a user is 60% more likely to click on a star than the Bloc logo when they open the map.

This means a venue can get 60% more traffic by advertising with us.


Bloc's Stardom


To get this star on the map a venue only needs to create their newsfeed ad.

Their venue automatically changes on the map so they can sit back, relax and see the results come in.


Bloc’s Events List:


The second automatic placement for venue advertisers is being placed at the top of the events list and highlighted.


Bloc's Top of Events


Natural human behaviour means we usually click or tap things that are first or at the top.

This is advantage of advertising with Bloc ads as this placement means a venue can get far more clicks by being first or at the top of our list of events.

A user can search for places to go based on the date and it shows all the venues that people are checked into.

By being at the top it means more clicks which in turns means more people will check-in there.

A snowball effect can be created by appearing to be the most popular venue on Bloc.


Bloc’s 100 Yard Notification:


Bloc’s newest and again automatic placement is our 100 yard notification.

This pings a notification to a user if they are within 100 yards of an advertised venue.

It’s incredibly effective as it can literally bring people off the street or from nearby competitors into the advertised venue.

It works best if a deal is offered e.g. a free drink or 10% off the bill, it’s included in the notification.

Bloc's advertising 100 yard notification

Bloc’s team can create this notification or a venue marketer can supply us with 3 USPs or deals and we’ll rotate them so the user never receives the same notification too often.

Since releasing this new feature our current advertisers have seen a 30% increase in monthly check-ins.

With the rise of digital marketing and noisy platforms where a venue would be competing with thousands of businesses, Bloc’s advertising is a way to stand out from the competition.

All of these placements are free to try with £150 free ad credit, if a user checks in to the venue being advertised then that counts as 1 check-in and £2 will be charged.

We use geo-location to make sure a customer has actually attended that venue so a venue marketer is never charged for anything other than a paying customer.

Take advantage of these placements for your venue marketing today by creating your newsfeed ad and start driving more customers to your venue.

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