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Venue Promotion Example


Over the past few weeks we’ve been working hard improving our advertising platform for venue promotion.

Based on the feedback we received from our advertisers that trialed the service when it was first launched, we have now really streamlined the service.

The main change we’ve made is to go from a monthly subscription service to a pay-per-result model.

This hugely benefits venues as their promotion strategy can be budgeted.

It’s also risk-free as venues only pay £2 per customer who attend the venue (using geo-location), so a customer only needs to spend more than this and the venue makes a profit.

With this new change we are now open to all venues, of any size, and in any location.

Every new venue will get £150 free ad credit as part of a new promotion if they sign up.


A Pay-Per-Result Medium for Venue Promotion


Bloc’s advertising USP is that a venue can promote themselves and only pay if a customer checks in on the app and physically enters the venue, using geo-location.

The app then rewards the user with it’s own in-app currency (stars) that the user can later exchange for real money.

This only costs £2 per customer, including VAT.

The average customer spend in the UK is £25 and a lot more in major cities like London.

That’s an average ROI of 12.5x for a venue.

Venue Promotion in Bloc App

Venues can trial the service with £150 ad credit which is 75 new customers. When 75 customers have attended (via geo-location) the £2 per customer is charged at the start of the month.


Why Bloc Ads Work


Bloc’s users are already checking in to venues all over the world. They check-in to places their friends are attending and venues we suggest to them. Our users need to know that a venue exists which is where Bloc ads come in.

Venues can promote themselves with 4 placements inside Bloc.

The first and most prominent is the newsfeed ad, which is shown to all users in their newsfeed within 15 miles of the venue.

A featured venue automatically gets a star on our interactive map instead of our Bloc logo.

This literally stands the venue out from the local competition.

As well as the star on the map venues are also pushed to the top of the events list. Naturally users will click on a venue at the top of the screen to see who’s going.

Venue Promotion in 100 yard notification

The 4th placement is a notification if a user comes within 100 yards of an advertised venue.

This shows a USP or deal set by the venue promoter and is an effective way to draw people in from the street or from a nearby non-advertised venue.

It’s location based advertising and it’s powerful for increasing a venues customer base.

Bloc ads have a powerful snowball effect. The more people who are checked in to a specific venue, the more other users will see this.

The more popular a venue is on Bloc, the more people will check in and want to go, hence the snowball effect.

Venues need to initiate these first check-ins by advertising on Bloc.


Get Results With Bloc


Word of mouth is and probably always will be the most powerful form of advertising and most venues do rely on this medium for promotion.

Bloc pairs perfectly with this medium as we get customers talking. Because users on Bloc can check-in and connect with each other before attending a venue, users talk about the venue before and after they go.

If word of mouth was fire, Bloc would be like throwing a load of petrol on top, fueling the conversation.

You can get customers talking about your venue today by signing up and trialing the service with £150 ad credit.

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