Bar PR + Best Practices for Using Public Relations to Boost Sales


Bar PR + Best Practices for Using Public Relations to Boost Sales


Are you looking to boost your bar’s sales and raise its profile via bar PR?

Public relations is a powerful tool that can be leveraged to do just that.

From managing relationships with journalists to developing targeted campaigns, PR is an essential skill for successful bar owners.

In this post we’ll reveal key strategies for using public relation tactics to engage your target audience, build brand awareness and drive higher revenues at your bar.

Read on for best practices on putting together an effective PR plan tailored specifically for bars!


Best bar PR practices to boost sales


1. What is Bar PR?
2. The different types of media options available
3. PR agencies vs in-house PR
4. Experiment with press releases
5. Host events
6. Utilise influencers
7. Help a reporter out method
8. The purple cow method
9. Specialise in something
10. Make industry partnerships


1. What is Bar PR?


Bar PR, an innovative and essential concept, involves the unique strategies and methods used by public relations professionals to successfully promote bars and nightlife venues.

This specialised branch of PR highlights the distinctive aspects of bars, such as their eclectic ambience, exclusive drinks, and live entertainment, subsequently, creating a buzz that entices patrons and increases footfall.


What is bar PR?


Bar PR utilises a plethora of smart, attention-grabbing tactics, including forging strategic partnerships and influencer collaborations, hosting themed events, and crafting compelling press releases.

As bars now face unprecedented competition, effective Bar PR has become a key factor in helping them stand out, build a loyal customer base, and maintain an unmistakable presence within the vibrant nightlife scene.


2. The different types of media options available


As a business owner considering advertising options for your bar PR, it’s essential to explore the vast landscape of media opportunities available to you.

Traditional media, for instance, offers proven channels like television, radio, and print to reach potential patrons over a wide demographic range with visually and audibly appealing content.

Digital media, on the other hand, is revolutionising bar PR, allowing for hyper-targeted marketing strategies through social media platforms, online forums, and tailored e-mail campaigns.



Digital media


These platforms enable you to engage and interact with your target audience in a much more personalised way, whilst monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing strategies with analytics tools.

Furthermore, experiential marketing methods, such as hosting events, offers an excellent avenue to combine both traditional and digital media tactics, creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on your patrons.

Overall, navigating the different types of media options available and synergising them effectively can significantly impact the success of your bar PR.


3. PR agencies vs in-house PR


In the competitive world of bars and nightlife, effective public relations (PR) strategies are essential for driving customers to an establishment and maintaining its reputation.

Bar owners are often faced with the decision of whether to hire a PR agency or to build an in-house PR department.

Both options offer unique advantages and require careful consideration.

A specialised PR agency brings valuable expertise and a vast network of media connections, which can create broader visibility and recognition for a bar.


Bar PR companies vs in-house


However, this external help may lack the intimate understanding of the brand’s core values and operational nuances that an in-house PR team can naturally develop.

Additionally, in-house PR may offer better budget flexibility and responsiveness to the bar’s immediate needs.

Ultimately, the choice between a dedicated PR agency and an in-house PR team relies on a bar owner’s vision for their marketing goals and the resources available to invest in long-term success.


4. Experiment with press releases


One often overlooked yet highly effective method is harnessing the power of press releases.

By leveraging a well-crafted press release, bars can generate buzz and spark interest in upcoming events, promotions, or menu innovations.


press releases for bars


This smart and informative communication tool allows bars to reach a wider audience and gain exposure through local and niche media outlets, which can bolster their reputation and ultimately lead to increased footfall and revenue.

With the rapid rise of digital platforms and social media, press releases serve as an efficient and effective means for bars to create a memorable narrative and elevate their public relations strategy to the next level.


5. Host events


Hosting events in a bar can be a highly effective strategy to attract new customers, create a loyal following, and increase revenue.

To ensure a successful event, it’s essential to plan well in advance, starting with choosing the right theme and target audience that aligns with your brand.

Collaborate with local performers, artists, or even businesses to offer unique experiences and attract a diverse crowd.


Events at bar


Additionally, effective promotion through social media, flyers, and word-of-mouth will help generate buzz around your event.

Maximize your bar’s potential by offering special drink deals or themed menu items, ensuring memorable experiences for your patrons.

Finally, continuously seek feedback and learn from each event to improve and cater to your audience’s preferences, ultimately leading to the growth and prosperity of your bar.


6. Utilise influencers


In today’s fast-paced digital age, tapping into the power of influencers can prove to be an incredibly effective strategy for promoting your bar’s PR campaign.

Influencers have the ability to sway their loyal followers and captivate new audiences, generating that essential buzz and anticipation for your establishment.

Combining their personal touch with your unique offerings can create a winning formula in driving foot traffic and fostering a sense of community among your patrons.


Influencers for bars


Collaborating with influencers for content creation, exclusive events, and promotional activities can further establish your bar’s image and credibility in the market.

By leveraging this smart and informative approach, you can be sure to reach new heights of success and boost your bar’s presence in an increasingly competitive landscape.


7. Help a reporter out method


Cleverly using the Help A Reporter Out (HARO) method can be a game changer for your bar promotion efforts.

HARO is a valuable platform that connects journalists with relevant expert sources to meet their content needs, and it can offer a unique opportunity for your bar to obtain coverage that can boost your reputation and attract new patrons.

By staying up-to-date with the daily HARO emails and responding to relevant queries from reporters, you’re proactively working to create relationships with these professionals, showcasing your unique bar experiences, special events, and expertise in the industry.




As a result, this heightened exposure and credibility can significantly enhance your potential for growth and success in a crowded and competitive industry.

Making the most of the HARO method, with its smart, informed approach, can propel your bar towards an edge in the market, setting your establishment apart from the rest.


8. The purple cow method


The Purple Cow method, developed by marketing expert Seth Godin, offers bar owners a unique and innovative approach to achieving success.

At its core, the Purple Cow methodology focuses on creating a memorable impression on customers through exceptional service, creative events, and distinctive features that differentiate your bar from the competition.


Purple cow method


Embracing these principles allows your establishment to become a true “purple cow” amidst a sea of ordinary establishments – unique, unforgettable, and sought-after by clientele.

So, if you’re looking to propel your bar to new heights of popularity and prosperity, employing the Purple Cow method is a smart and informed step towards achieving that goal.


9. Specialise in something


Unveiling the secrets behind a thriving bar PR reveals the magic ingredient – specialisation.

Adopting a smart and informative approach to specialising in specific niches helps create a favourable impression on your target audience, who will in turn contribute to the popularity of your bar.

By identifying unique selling points, such as embracing a specific theme, incorporating diverse and rare ingredients, or offering exclusively curated experiences, you elevate your bar from a mere watering hole to an enticing destination.


Bar PR specialisation


As a cherry on top, specialisation makes it easier to develop actionable marketing strategies centred around defined objectives.

Consequently, it boosts your bar’s reputation and credibility, resulting in a successful and thriving PR scene that keeps the customers coming back for more.


10. Make industry partnerships


Forge ahead with smart industry partnerships for a prosperous bar PR campaign, as they hold immense power in ensuring the success of your venture.

By aligning with the right industry partners, you not only enhance your reach to self-motivated audiences but also ensure that you’re privy to the industry’s latest trends and insights.

Collaborating with supplier partners, local businesses, and influencers can boost your bar’s presence and amplify your PR efforts significantly.


Business partnerships for bar PR


A forward-thinking approach towards nurturing and maintaining such partnerships can ultimately result in tangible outcomes, such as elevated brand awareness and an influx of a loyal clientele.

Remember, when choosing industry partners, select wisely to create a vibrant ecosystem that revolves around mutual growth and success.


Summing up


In summary, there is no replacement for good old-fashioned hard work when it comes to using public relations to boost sales.

By leveraging bar PR and best practices such as developing an integrated marketing strategy, establishing relationships with key media outlets, and maintaining consistent communication with customers, you can create a successful network of collaboration that will drive business forward and maximize your return on investment.


Bar PR advice


No matter the size of your organization or budget, having an effective public relations presence can make all the difference in improving revenues and keeping a foothold in the industry.

When handled correctly, the results from your PR efforts may surprise you– so don’t be afraid to take the plunge and see what it can do for your business!

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