Apps for Pubs – The Best Apps All Pubs Need


Apps for Pubs – The Best Apps All Pubs Need


There are lots of apps for pubs out there that can increase revenue and make your life as a pub owner a lot easier.

When it comes to running a successful pub, apps can provide invaluable insights and powerful solutions.

With mobile apps offering streamlined processes for customers, optimization of tasks like orders and payments, as well as innovative marketing strategies directly sent to clients’ phones, pubs everywhere are reaping the benefits of these cutting-edge technologies.

By leveraging smartphone technology with the right applications, you can simplify operations within your business while at the same time increasing engagement with loyal patrons and attracting new ones.

In this blog post we’ll explore some of the top apps all pubs should consider if you want to stay on top of your game in today’s ever-changing market!


1. Do you need your own app?
2. Apps for marketing
3. Table ordering apps
4. Apps for stock checks
5. Apps for financials
6. Loyalty reward apps


1. Do you need your own app?


The short answer is probably not.

Unless you are a big chain of pubs with over 30 sites, you probably don’t need to develop your own app.

We’ve seen a lot of pubs think it’s the best move, mainly for table ordering and loyalty schemes.

The truth is your customers will find it incredibly annoying having to download ‘another’ app just to order a drink or food from one pub.


Developer for venues


They may download it, but then they will likely delete it after they’ve left.

Apps aren’t cheap to build, maintain or promote either, so it’s an unnecessary cost when there are so many great options out there already.


2. Apps for marketing


There are a lot of great apps for pubs out there that can help with your marketing efforts to ensure your pub is filled with people when it needs to be.

Marketing for pubs has gone digital and every single one of your customers will have a phone and will be engaging with apps in some way.




Bloc is a social events app that invites its users to check-in and attend venues.

Users can earn rewards if they check-in to a venue and attend it (tracked via geo-location).

Pubs can take advantage of our app by advertising on the app.

Advertising on Bloc will increase the number of check-ins to your pub ensureing more people come.


Bloc Rewards


At only £2+VAT per check-in its an affordable solution where you don’t pay unless the user physically attends.

It’s one of the only platforms out there that’s risk free as you only pay-per-result, not by click or impression.

You can trial Bloc for free with £150 ad credit which means your first 75 customers go free.




The majority of your customers will be between the ages of 18-40, which means they’re likely going to be on Instagram.

A recent study by CJ Digital has suggested that 61% of 18–35-year-olds will check a venues Instagram before deciding to book.

This means it’s incredibly important to have an effective Instagram strategy in place.


Instagram apps for pubs


The Instagram algorithm is favouring Reels, as this can reach thousands of people and not just your followers.

Showcase your best poured drinks, food and behind the scenes on Instagram and it will help persuade locals to choose you over a competitor.




A lot of pub owners dislike social media so much they put it on the back burner and don’t do it properly.

It’s incredibly important in this day and age.

One app that’s making lives easier is Heropost.


Engaging social media presence


This is a social media scheduling tool which means you don’t have to be on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to post.

And you can create posts incredibly quickly on this platform.

Their ‘one off lifetime payment’ makes this solution incredibly affordable too.




There are so many events throughout the year that your pub should be advertising for.

Mailchimp is an email solution that allows you to craft beautiful emails to send to fans of your pubs reminding them of upcoming events.

How can you get a database?


Email advertising


First, you can create a lead magnet on your website which will capture data from website visitors. You could offer a free drink for example to anyone who leaves their email.

Secondly, you can get emails by asking for their email if they want to sign up to your WIFI in your pub.

Once you have a databse of emails, start emailing them so your pub is always in the hearts and minds.


3. Table ordering apps


Although COVID was a tough time for everyone and the hospitality industry was hit hard, it did create a lot of innovation in a lot of industries.

And the hospitality industry was no different.

During the pandemic we saw a huge increase in the amount of table ordering software available on the market.

This clever technology allows people to scan a QR code at their table and then order on their phones.


Apps for venues - table ordering


It makes the buying experience quick and easy, without the need of lots of waiters and staff.

The best table ordering systems link directly to your POS platform and feedback important analytics for consideration.

Slerp and Lightspeed are our two favourite table ordering apps for you to check out.


4. Apps for stock checks


Keeping an eye on stock levels, stock demand and profitability is incredibly important for any pub business.

POS systems these days can feed all of this kind of information directly to your device.


Stock Checks


Upserve (our favourite POS system for stock checks) has been acquired by Lightspeed to form a ‘super POS’.

This super app will enhance the experience of your customers and make your life as a pub owner much easier.


5. Apps for financials


Proper accountancy is important for any pub business.

There are many financial apps for pubs but our favourites are Xero and Quickbooks.

These simple apps can do everything from tracking payments, paying staff and doing VAT returns.


6. Loyalty reward apps


Loyalty reward apps are useful for getting repeat customers.

Repeat customers are the best kinds of customers because it’s much cheaper to market to existing customers than persuading new ones.

These customers have been to your pub before so they are familiar with it.


Influencer loyalty program

But sometimes you need rewards to make sure they come back.

Eber for example is a solid loyalty app that is simple to set up and powerful enough to get people coming back for more.


Summing up


The pub world has definitely evolved over the years and while there is still room to grow, pubs are leading the way with technology and finding ways to innovate and adapt.

Apps for pubs have become popular not only for customers, but also for pub owners and operators.

These apps can offer a wide range of benefits, from increasing efficiency to improving customer service. From marketing campaigns to catering services and loyalty programs, these apps are essential tools for pubs today.

Pubs that can leverage the power of technology to better serve their customers will be in a much better position than those who do not – so it’s definitely worth investing in the right apps!

Ultimately, having access to the best apps will help any pub take their business operation to the next level.

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