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The Bletchley


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The Bletchley is a WW2 immersive cocktail bar brought to the King’s Road by the team at Lollipop, an immersive entertainment group. A lot of bars offering more than just drinks have popped up in London over the past few years but ‘The Bletchley’ is up there with the best. It’s executed perfectly and is very unique.

The idea behind the bar is gamification of the menu: you have to complete missions by cracking 1940s style codes. You might have to smell, taste or use other senses. This helps the bartenders understand your taste profile, so they can make personalised cocktails. We weren’t kidding about it being unique.

The Bletchley is now permanent in Chelsea and is open 5 days a week (Tues-Sat). It’s only £36 per person which includes 1 welcome drink, 2 cryptic/mission cocktails and 1h 45m inside the cocktail bunker per person.


The Bletchley London


The Bletchley London – About The Venue

As soon as your tickets are booked the fun starts. You have to find your way to the secret location situated somewhere in the Cremorne Estate (no spoilers from us). Once you’re in, you’re taken to a war room inspired by Churchill. For any history buffs the quality of this venue is in the detail and the team at Lollipop have made it seriously authentic.

You’ll be brought back in time to a bunker, sat at a cipher machine using WW2 radios. You’re even put in WW2 jackets to really drive home the experience. If you manage to decipher the clues the expert mixologists will use them to create what could be your perfect drink.


The Bletchley Cocktail Bar

If you’re looking for a really fun immersive experience then we would definitely recommend this. Arguably nothing was more important than the work done at Bletchley (the real one), so The Bletchley is a great way to experience and celebrate London’s history, with a drink in hand.


How The Bletchley Is Using Bloc Ads For Their Marketing

The creative geniuses at Lollipop are consistent in their work with a clever newsfeed ad that addresses Bloc’s users and grabs their attention. The Bloc ad opens with ‘Hi Agent’, clearly showcasing something different to our users. There is no bar, a drink or any food visible in the photo which almost looks out of place in Bloc’s newsfeed as so many advertisers go down this route. Like good agents, users are drawn to something that seems out of the ordinary. It’s an 8/10 from us.

Seb the brain behind Lollipop is correct in saying that Londoners are looking beyond traditional watering holes and restaurants and this is very true based on our check-in data. A potential reason may be because people want to jazz up their Instagram feeds and The Bletchley is certainly ‘Insta-worthy’.

Chelsea, where The Bletchley is situated, is highly dense with residents and workers. Their newsfeed ad is pushed into the newsfeed of every Bloc user within 15 miles of the secret location. Any user who opens our map are also drawn to a star where the Bletchley is situated. It’s also pushed to the top of the events list where more users can decide if they want to check it out for themselves.


WW2 Immersive Experience


Users that come within 100 yards of The Bletchley get sent the notification below. As The Bletchley is so unique, this notification doesn’t fail to pique interest. Users can earn 3 stars within Bloc if they check-in to a non-featured venue. But if they check-in to a featured venue they get 6. One of the Bletchley’s missions is to draw people there so they can earn more stars and is a way to out-compete any other venues in the area.

Bloc 100 yard notification

Bloc ads work perfectly for The Bletchley as the majority of bookings are made in advance at £36 per person. Bloc only charges £2 if a user checks in and attends the venue (using geo-location) so The Bletchley makes profit on every customer we bring them.

You can check out The Bletchley on Instagram for an insight into their codes and cocktails. You can also make a booking at or pop in for a drink Tues-Thurs without one.

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