Restaurant Marketing Agencies: Top 9 Best Marketing Companies For Restaurants


Best restaurant marketing agencies


Finding the right agency for your business is vital, which is why we have curated this list of the top 9 restaurant marketing agencies in the world for you to get quotes from.

Here at Bloc, we receive thousands of check-ins to restaurants every week.

From fine dining at the Ritz to a quick bite at your local pub, Bloc has you covered and you can check-in to each and every restaurant you attend to earn stars and rewards.

If you’re a restaurant owner or marketing professional who is looking for restaurant marketing agencies or marketing companies for restaurants, this list is for you.

Here, we run through the top 9 restaurant marketing agencies, essentially the 9 in the business which we consider to be the best digital marketing companies for restaurants.

Trust us, we know!

We love attending restaurants and we’ve gone through our fair share of agencies over the years who have helped us gain a market presence.

We wouldn’t be where we are without them,

So grab a snack and enjoy, because reading about these agencies is bound to make you hungry!


1. CJ Digital
2. Side Dish Media
3. Captivate Hospitality
4. Restaurant Genie
5. Digital Restaurant
6. The Foodie Agency
7. Golden Restaurant
8. The Pass
9. Eat with your Eyes


1. CJ Digital


The best restaurant marketing agency is CJ Digital, no doubt about it.

Their tagline is simple: “Experts in digital marketing for bars, restaurants, hotels and hospitality.”

And we love that sort of motto, because it’s precise and it holds you accountable to a standard, and we certainly were impressed with their levels of expertise.


CJ Digital - Restaurant Marketing Agency


Head over to CJ Digital and you’ll see some of their recent clients which even extends beyond restaurants to coffee houses too. You’ll be impressed with their entire portfolio.

Our hot tip is to use them for social media marketing, influencer marketing SEO and PPC.

These all take huge levels of knowledge to get right, as well as a tonne of time (gulp!) and the professionalism of CJ Digital means they crack on without you having to worry!

You just sit back and enjoy reaping the rewards.

Trust us, these guys are number one.

Check them out if you’re in need of a marketing company for your restaurant.


2. Side Dish Media


If CJ Digital is the main course, then Side Dish Media is the, yeah, side… dish. Makes sense though, right?

These guys are great if you’re looking for smaller, specific marketing campaigns, for example social media management and Facebook ads.


Side Dish Media - Restaurant Marketing Company

They’re a great restaurant marketing agency because they have their niche and they stick to it, which is the smaller restaurants in the London area. So if you’re a restaurant with a smaller budget who is looking for a marketing agency, Side Dish may be the one for you.


3. Captivate Hospitality


Confession, our favourite thing about Captivate is their location.

When they invited us in for a meeting, we headed to the trendy Tobacco Docks area, located in East London, where the food options, especially street food style restaurants are to die for.

So, if that’s what your restaurant prides itself on, why not check out Captivate yourself?

As restaurant marketing agencies go, they know their stuff. They’ve worked with Firebrand Pizza and Smoky Boys for starters, who serve the most delicious pizzas and burgers in town!

Getting hungry yet?


4. Restaurant Genie


Ok Restaurant Genie, my first wish is to find a digital marketing agency for my restaurant who will deliver great results for the minimum spend.



Restaurant Genie


Actually, the Restaurant Genie is especially popular for restaurants who are in the “pre launch” phase.

So, if you’re brand new to the scene and you’re getting nervous about opening night, check these guys out. We haven’t used them ourselves, but some of our restaurant friends have and they recommend them very highly.


5. Digital Restaurant


Only the best marketing ingredients are used at the Digital Restaurant who are experts in PR and Email Marketing.

The latter, in particular, is an increasingly difficult market to conquer for restaurants, who often end up in the doomed Spam folder or have the cheek to send out an email without an exciting offer for the reader!

If you’re looking for creative digital concepts from your restaurant marketing agency, look no further.


6. The Foodie Agency


We like The Foodie Agency for their design and branding expertise.

They come up with cool designs for restaurants, predominantly based in the US though, and have partnerships with Tripadvisor and Facebook to make sure your new brand gets spread across the best platforms.


The Foodie Agency - Restaurant Marketing Agencies

Check-ins, reviews and images are always key for your restaurant and The Foodie Agency specialises in them all.


7. Golden Restaurant


The Golden Restaurant aims to get your restaurant to the top of the podium and achieve the results it deserves.

We rank them as number 8 in our list of the best restaurant marketing agencies for their free blog alone so they don’t quite win the gold medal, but they’re still well worth your consideration.

They give you insight into the best ways to market your restaurant for free although disclaimer, you’ll need to get your elbows dirty!

One for a more hands-on style restaurant owner.


8. The Pass


Does your restaurant marketing make The Pass?

If you think you’re dropping below the required level for success, head on over to The Pass who will bring you back up to speed.

Their main focus is social media management and photography, which is great if you’re looking to build your social presence.

They’ve had some great partners over the years including Bookatable and Opentable so their track record speaks for itself!


9. Eat with your Eyes


Number 9 on your list of the top 9 restaurant marketing agencies is Eat With Your Eyes.

We recommend you sign up to their free marketing newsletter to find out the services they offer and decide which one is right for you, because they offer the full range and you can create your own bespoke package to suit your goals.

So there you have it.


Eat with your Eyes


These were our top 9 restaurant marketing agencies.

If you’re a restaurant looking to find the best restaurant marketing company to grow your business, start from the top of this list and work your way down.

You won’t be disappointed!

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