Pub Video Marketing — Why Your Pub Should Invest in Video


Pub video marketing


Pub video marketing is gradually becoming the most popular type of media marketing in the hospitality industry.

Millions of people worldwide use video to promote their businesses and attract online and offline traffic.

Video outperforms all other forms of media in terms of visual impact, and it is high time for pubs to start taking advantage of it.

TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are just a few of the virtual spaces where consumers go to get their regular dosage of online video exposure.

If you play your cards right, the multitudes of people who regularly visit these platforms search for new video content could be your next consumers.


1. Why video marketing?
2. Top reasons to invest in pub video marketing
3. What should you focus on while incorporating pub video marketing
4. How to know if pub video marketing would work for you
5. Tips for creating the best promotional videos
6. Take the plunge with pub video marketing


1. Why video marketing?


Good question.

People’s attention spans are less than they used to be.

So, they want information that is simple to understand, which a video can provide in a manner that no other type of content can.

There are several reasons why social video marketing should be your next “revolutionary” thing:

1. 88 percent of video marketers are pleased with their return on investment.
2. 73 percent of customers feel brands that use video on social media affect them.
3. Videos are very shareable.


Why video marketing for pubs


Millions of users can share a single video, allowing the short video to be seen by an ever-increasing number of people.

You don’t have to pay anything after you’ve posted – unless you want to and there’s a chance you’ll go viral.

Instead, it may be shared by followers, who can then share it with their followers, and so on, making it one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics available.


2. Top reasons to invest in pub video marketing


Pub videography is a fun method to show off your restaurant in a fresh light.

From favourite recipes to customer highlights to video event marketing, branded videos can showcase the ins and outs of your operations.

Consider the following key advantages of video marketing that you can implement in your restaurant: –


1. A great way to showcase your pub’s interiors


One of the numerous advantages of making and sharing video footage about your pub is that it allows visitors worldwide to see the area.

However, people must be appealingly introduced to your pub before exhibiting interest in it.

You may accomplish this with the help of video.


Pub interiors


You can use video to highlight the best characteristics of your pub and entice potential consumers to come in.

In addition, use video to showcase the physical location of your pub.

Perhaps you’re in a historically significant part of town, or your building has a unique past that would excite and interest restaurant patrons.

If applicable, be sure to share those anecdotes because the more storied the content, the better.


2. Builds an effective online presence


Brands can reach a far larger pool of potential customers and build a strong, favourable reputation among devoted fans.

Furthermore, an active and constantly updated online presence might work as a secondary website that receives significantly more traffic than your primary website.


Online presence for marketing


The most common type of media nowadays is video.

Pub video marketing will help you maintain a strong brand identity while keeping up with worldwide trends.


3. Makes customers curious


Your pub must pique people’s attention to attract new clients.

If you can pique people’s interest in your company, you’ll have a far better chance of them visiting you.


Interested patron


Videos are an immersive medium that can stimulate the mind in ways that other forms of media can’t.

If you can leverage video’s visual impact to pique people’s interest and increase sales, you may find yourself with a slew of new customers.


4. Promotes the menu


There are few better ways to show off your menu’s delectable cuisine and beverages than through video.

Thanks to the video, customers can see what menu items look like and imagine themselves eating the delicacies.


Restaurant menu


To create buzz and drive people to your pub, you might publish films displaying new menu items.


5. Leaves a great impression on the guests


Many consumers like to Google a pub before making a reservation.

Newcomers see your business in a favourable light before they ever enter the building, thanks to videos and an online presence in general.


Happy guests from pub video marketing


You can use video to emphasize your pub’s luxury, aesthetic, spirit, and overall theme, making a great impression on both new and old customers.


6. Creates a buzz about your pub


Your pub may be failing to pay the bills because not enough people are aware of its existence.

Creating stunning visual content about your business can help increase both online and offline interest.

It can also raise awareness in your local community.


How to create buzz in a venue


You’ll need to let locals know who you are, what you do, and why they should come to your restaurant.

Video’s immersive nature can provide your business the exposure it needs to increase foot traffic and revenue.


3. What should you focus on while incorporating pub video marketing


Since the culinary business lends itself so well to video content, a video marketing plan is one of the most leverageable development prospects for pubs today.

In addition, customers are eager to learn about the stories and material available at pubs.

From delectable menu items to helpful customer reviews, here are some interesting topics to include in your clips: –


1. The menu


Many clients peruse your menu before visiting your establishment to check whether they like what they see.

To aggressively appeal to clients’ senses and influence their eating decisions, you can present a video of menu items.


Pub menu


Promote any of the following via video: –

– Seasonal menu items
– Cocktails with a twist
– Behind the bar scenes while cooking or concocting cocktails
– The most recommended dishes


2. Location and interiors


Only a few of your customers are aware of the history of your pub’s location and layout.

Many more people may be unaware of the culture and history of the neighbourhood where your pub is located, as well as how your establishment honours that tradition.

You can make guests want to experience the environment first-hand by giving them a video tour of your restaurant. Locals would certainly appreciate learning about the background of your business if it is housed in a historic building.


Pub video marketing location


Once they see the value your restaurant adds to the community, they may feel driven to support it.

Use restaurant video marketing to promote the following aspects of your business: –

– The story of the location
– Indoor seating plan
– Balcony or patio dining outside
– Rooftop bars or lounges
– Upgrades on the pubs
– Renovations to come


3. People’s favorite items on the menu


If you want your pub video marketing to take off, you need to keep up with gastronomic fads.

Millions of culinary videos are uploaded to social media platforms every day, and they constantly rank among the most popular.

You’ll have a far better chance of being noticed if you can mimic the techniques and components used in previous popular culinary clips.


4. The heart of the operation — your staff


The people who work in your restaurant are essential components of what makes it run.

On the other hand, guests rarely, if ever, meet the individuals who cook their delectable meals, serve them at their tables, or greet them as they arrive.

When customers visit a pub, they want and expect excellent service.

Customers can learn about employees and how they feel about their professions by watching videos.


Pub staff


Customers are more inclined to trust that they will have a great interaction with your personnel if your employees are happy and enjoy their jobs.

They may expect to be served by enthusiastic workers who are enthusiastic about providing high-quality cuisine and service.

Pub videography allows you to showcase your employees’ characteristics, including: –

– Backgrounds
– Their picks from the menu
– Culinary dreams
– Some gastronomic secrets


5. Prep and recipe videos


Recipe videos are among the most ubiquitous on the web today, with millennials searching for them in particular.

As a result, restaurants that use a well-thought-out video marketing plan have a better chance of reaching a larger online audience and developing a rapport with that community, which converts into profit.

Google and other search engines reward websites that provide interesting, trustworthy, and informative content for their targeted audience. Video is an excellent medium for doing so.


Pub video marketing the food


Recipe videos, cooking demos, and kitchen walkthroughs all provide viewers with informative content. Creating various video materials can help you establish yourself as an industry leader while also educating people about food.

– You can make recipe videos inspired by: without giving away any of your restaurant’s secrets.
– A new take on a classic menu item
– Your restaurant’s version of a well-known or beloved dish
– Adaptations of regional cuisine
– Tutorials for seasonal recipes
– How-to tutorials on a variety of useful cooking utensils, gadgets, and other items


4. How to know if pub video marketing would work for you


Videos are adaptable and may be used in any sector.

You also don’t have to be in a visually appealing business like a pub or a clothing store.

The magic of a video is that you can make it into anything you want.


Marketing analytics


Allow viewers to experience that “Aha!” moment when they watch your films.

Demonstrate that they can’t live without your product or service by using animation or actual people.


5. Tips for creating the best promotional videos


High-quality culinary films will captivate viewers before they even enter your establishment – and will continue to impress them long after they leave.

These pub videography strategies will also help your marketing videos perform better, increasing their return on investment: –


1. Keep it short and crisp


According to research, 30% of your audience will abandon video marketing after about 30 seconds, 45 percent after one minute, and over 60% after two minutes.


Short marketing videos


As a result, regardless of platform, aim to keep most video material under two minutes.


2. Quality over quantity


As per the hosted platform’s instructions, you should limit the number of videos you submit.

Customers dislike brands that “blitz” their social media feeds.

Therefore, your video marketing plan should be platform-specific regarding the number of times you post each day.

You should only submit videos when the topic is relevant to the platform’s demographic and best expresses your pub’s identity.


3. Buy professional equipment


Having a few items of specialized equipment on hand is beneficial whether you opt to produce videos wholly in-house or outsource a video production firm.


Video marketing tips


Begin with the essentials: a DSLR camera, a microphone, a stabilizing tripod, an external flash drive, and a 64GB SD card.

These sets of equipment, when used together, cover the fundamentals of pub videography.


4. Make it catchy


Align the style and character of your video marketing content to the mood and persona of your restaurant.

Is your restaurant a funky, cheerful hangout for the locals? A hip farm-to-table eatery? In the centre of downtown, an upmarket, dinner-only establishment?


Short videos


Your videos will acquire more traction if you use your brand to motivate them and target your desired audience.


5. Always end with a call to action


Calls to action give your promotional videos an organic but biz finale.

Roughly half of the video respondents (45%) and more than half (57%) of millennials believe video CTAs are educational, guiding them to useful areas on your website.

Providing links in video CTAs will also help four out of ten millennials and just under a third of all adult customers visit your pub’s website.


6. Take the plunge with pub video marketing


There are substantial benefits to making promotional videos that have a long-term influence on your pub.

You’ll create a reputation and credibility with your audience by regularly publishing high-quality, interesting films that will keep customers coming back.

Video is certainly vital in today’s marketing strategies. Including pub video marketing in your advertising strategy could be the impetus for the good change you’ve been hoping for.


Best pub video marketing tips for success


Videos are a dynamic media format that pubs of all shapes and sizes can build their brand recognition and secure their place in the future of restaurant marketing.

Are you ready to enhance your brand’s visibility?

Take out your camera!

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