Pub Promotion Ideas for December – Ready For The Christmas Season


Pub Promotion Ideas for December - Ready For The Christmas Season


Looking for the best pub promotion ideas for December? You’ve come to the right place.

Christmas is a special occasion. And so is the month of December.

As a pub owner, this offers you a lot of potential to boost your revenues and build your brand by utilizing this time.

Centered around Christmas, you need to leverage the entire month of December to fuel your marketing.

Planning holiday-themed events to sending out Christmas cards – there are various innovative ways to stay in touch with your customers and garner their rapt attention.

Read on to delve into the best pub promotion ideas for December.


6 amazing pub promotion ideas for December


1. Plan for holiday-themed events
2. Focus on curating your tastes
3. Dedicate time to social media
4. Post the most Christmas-relevant yet engaging content
5. Revamp your website
6. Send out beautiful, well-crafted Christmas cards


1. Plan for holiday-themed events


In the last few years, most people experienced stress and exhaustion due to the pandemic outbreak.

Remaining indoors, working from home, and staying away from friends and neighbors makes them feel claustrophobic.

Make this Christmas a joy of new beginnings for them. Get started with planning for a holiday-themed event.

First, make sure you know who your customers are. List down the type of holiday events they would prefer.

Alternatively, you could post on social media platforms seeking your customers’ opinions like “Share your idea for a holiday-themed event,” “What would you love for Christmas?” and such.


Christmas Event


Incorporating ideas from customer suggestions is a great way to plan your event while keeping them engaged.

Once the theme is finalized, you cross the bridge. Now, you could plan the decor and ambiance independently or contact a professional event planner.

You can find good event planners with amazing ideas within a specific budget.

This could be the first step in pub promotion ideas for December.


2. Focus on curating your tastes


Food is the best way to delight your customers. And that includes drinks or any other items you serve in your pub.

You don’t necessarily need to go for a lavish dinner menu. Look at what your customers would enjoy having on a Christmas evening.

Even before that, plan a holiday-themed season menu with the most delectable delicacies, and that could go a long way in forming the best of your pub promotion ideas for December.


Pub Promotion Ideas for December - The Food


Include your staff in the discussions and seek their ideas on what would work best.

Alternatively, you could reach out to customers personally over the phone or conduct a poll on social media to let them vote on a list of dishes or drinks.


3. Dedicate time to social media


It’s the perfect time to leverage social media. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other occasions are times when people are mostly glued to their social media accounts.

Create festive posts that bring out vibrant vibes and frenzy. Ensure your social pages use the ideal images and background themes, logos, and emojis that sync with the Christmas fervor.

Most importantly, mention your pub timings during Christmas, so your customers aren’t anxious.


Christmas Promotion Ideas for Pubs Menu Social Media


One of the best strategies is to invite posts and views from your customers.

Try finding out what kind of drinks, venue decor, events, and more they want.

Start implementing the social media strategies from the beginning of the month, pivoting it as the best pub promotion idea for December.


4. Post the most Christmas-relevant yet engaging content


Make the best use of your social media platforms best by posting the most exciting and top-notch Christmas content.

One of the best pub promotion ideas for December is to organize contests, giveaways, and quizzes relevant to the theme of Christmas to keep your customers engaged.

Portray a graphic or animated snapshot of the events you plan to hold at your pub to build the audience’s curiosity.

Let their imagination run wild and increase their eagerness to join you at your venue on Christmas!


Christmas themed social media


Use Twitter and Facebook to post content and leverage Instagram to showcase fantastic, vibrant images.

However, whatever channel you pick, be sure what you must post. This could be kept clear by crafting a content calendar to help you stay on track.

Finally, pin your posts above the others to gain maximum visibility.


5. Revamp your website


Website is always the first place customers and prospects turn to.

And revamping your website to match the Christmas vibes could be among the best pub promotion ideas for December.

Indicate the point that your pub would be open on Christmas.

This would be great news for many of your customers as most pubs might be closed for the holidays.


Christmas Pub Website Example


Next, offer them a sneak peek into the events, menu, and other stuff to garner interest. Ensure your website is colorful and gives the Christmas flavors.

There are various tools or templates available to craft or overhaul your website into an exceptional one.

Once you have an incredible website ready for December, it’s time to make sure it’s seen.

Add it to sites like Bloc Nearby to get the eyes on it you need for bookings.

Alternatively, you can seek the assistance of a professional website designer to set it up for you.


6. Send out beautiful, well-crafted Christmas cards


It’s needless to mention that everyone needs to be treated well. However, Christmas is a special occasion to thank your long-standing customers to boost retention and build your brand.

A gesture that you could consider among the key pub promotion ideas for December is to make Christmas invitation cards for these special customers.

You could get it printed or hand-made with some hand-written message that would go the extra mile in touching the hearts of your customers.


Pub Promotion Ideas for December Cards


Craft the card in the best possible manner, with some pictures of your pub. Add a message that conveys how important they are to you.

Additionally, include a discount coupon to redeem or an offer to avail on the day of Christmas when they visit your pub for celebrations.


Wrapping up


With December accompanying the Christmas fervor, you need to bolster your marketing efforts to bring in more customers while retaining the existing ones.

Use the pub promotion ideas for December outlined in the article to let your customers stay festive during the complete month.

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