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Partnering with the right marketing company for your pub is important, which is why we have curated this list of the top 10 pub marketing agencies for you to get quotes from.

Pubs are a staple of traditional English culture.

The first ever pub to open in the UK was all the way back in 560 AD!

The Old Ferry Boat Inn in Cambridgeshire is still going strong and you might be wondering, how have they managed to stay afloat all this time?! (No pun intended).

Well, it’s simple really. They’ve always got their marketing spot on!

That’s right, rather than sit back and let other pubs try and steal the title away from them, they’ve been proactive. They’ve gone out to all publishers and made it well known they were first. Infact, they’re even featured in the Domesday Book, claiming that once upon a time they were haunted…!

If you’re brave enough to continue, or you’re a pub marketing director or owner of a pub, you’re probably looking for the best digital marketing companies at your disposal.

In this list, we run through the top 10 pub marketing agencies. If you want your pub to run for as long as The Old Ferry Boat Inn, get in touch with these agencies and ask around for quotes today.


1. CJ Digital
2. Toast Design
3. Clear Channel
5. Samphire
6. Pub Creative
7. Double Up Social
8. Propeller
9. Thinking Fox
10. Me: Mo


1. CJ Digital


The number one best digital marketing agency for pubs is CJ Digital.

Here at Bloc, we have thousands of pubs who are looking to stand out from the crowd. On occasion, we’ve upgraded their exposure by utilising the services of CJ Digital and they deliver the best results, every single time.

CJ Digital knows the pub scene inside out and specialise in SEO, Google Ad management and roll out comprehensive strategies to help your pub appear in the top 3 of Google search results.


CJ Digital - Pub Marketing Agency


Essentially, if you can get your pub appearing at the top in this local pack, you’re onto a real winner, and CJ Digital is the only company we’ve come across who gets it right and understands how to get there.

Get in touch with them yourselves and request a free pub marketing plan to find out more.


2. Toast Design


The reason we’ve included Toast Design at number two on our list of the top 10 best digital marketing companies for pubs is because they specialise in graphic design.

Toast are great at branding if you want to hand out any printed collateral in your pub – be it swanky new menus, leaflets to promote an open mic night or even game sheets for your pub quiz!

We highly recommend Toast, they are well known for their longstanding partnerships. With that in mind it appears pub owners always want to eat up their services!


3. Clear Channel


Clear Channel is also a pretty good digital marketing agency for you to consider.

They have an extensive network of pubs who are open to sharing ideas amongst one another and, most importantly, offer something most pubs need.


Clear Channel Marketing Company for Pubs


Have you ever noticed that screen in the corner of a pub which isn’t showing the football match you came in specifically to see, but instead it’s displaying advertisements of the latest drink offers or the events in your area?

That’s courtesy of Clear Channel. If you’re a pub marketing director looking to explore a niche like this, get in touch with them today.




At number 4 in our run through of the best digital marketing agencies for pubs in OMNE.

Your first question: what does it stand for?

Well to be fair we aren’t sure either, but the OMNE team was founded by a group of four experts in pubs, restaurants and hospitality. Presumably those are their initials.

They offer a wide range of services including social media marketing and blogging and have some impressive clients in their portfolio including Unilever, Coca Cola and Estrella.

Fancy adding your pub’s name to that list? Fire an enquiry over to OMNE now.


5. Samphire


Samphire Communications specialise in bespoke strategies for all things food, drink and travel related. They are an integrated agency which will service all your communication needs; PR (print and online), Marketing (local and digital) and Social Media.




From Michelin star restaurants to neighbourhood favourites, country hotels to plush pubs with a fire, as well as a multitude of food and drink brands in their archives, Samphire have the tools, knowledge and expertise to create tailored campaigns that make a tangible difference to their clients.

They edge slightly on the more luxurious side, as you can probably tell, so if you have a larger budget at your disposal, give Samphire a go.


6. Pub Creative


Pub Creative does exactly what it says on the tin.

This is more a holding placement in our list of the top 10 digital marketing agencies for pubs while Pub Creative generates a new website (ironic, hey?) but check the results later and if you like what you see, a new website is just around the corner for you too.


7. Double Up Social


If you’re still scrolling through this list, you’re probably looking for something specific.

If that, by chance, is a digital marketing agency for your pub which focuses on social media and content creation, your search can end now with Double Up Social.


Double Up Pub Marketing Agency


They won agency of the year in 2021 and have featured in the Metro and Grocer handout magazines.

Why? You ask. Well, maybe because their prices start from just £499 per month!


8. Propeller


Okay, these guys really are quite cool.

Their website speaks for itself – Propeller delivers in high quality.

They run quite a similar selection of services to CJ Digital but are on the more expensive side which is why we tend to go with the former.

Either way, if it’s booming bookings you’re looking for, propel yourself to dizzy new heights! (No more puns from now on, promise).


9. Thinking Fox


Nearly there, team!

Thinking Fox is at number 9 in our list of the best digital marketing companies for pubs.


Thinking Fox


The Thinking Fox team specialise in web design for pubs, bars and restaurants. So if your pub turns into a “bar” at night or has a traditional “restaurant style” menu, then the Fox might just have you catered for.


10. Me: Mo


Me:Mo understands how to build a restaurant business through effective marketing. Whether it’s an expansive press campaign, creating dynamic and interesting content, building direct relationships with local customers, or developing a stand-out digital marketing strategy, Me: Mo have you covered.

All press is good press, right?

These guys will get word out about your pub to the right people if you have a big event coming up at your pub.




That’s it, we have no more!

These were our top 10 pub marketing agencies, ranging all the way from CJ Digital to Me: Mo.

We recommend you get in touch with the best digital marketing companies for your pub and get the quotes for the package that you require.


Best Pub Marketing Agency


Most digital marketing agencies will tailor their services to your needs and give your pub the love that it deserves.

And we hope you’ll also sign up to Bloc and we’ll market your pub for you too, with the first 75 check-ins delivered absolutely free!


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