How to Improve Your Nightclub Marketing Plan – 9 Top Tips


Nightclub marketing plan


A nightclub marketing plan is one of the most important documents you will possess when owning a nightclub.

Afterall, a nightclub isn’t really a nightclub without guests. It’s just a dark room with LED lights costing the owner a fortune in rent.

We have listed 8 top tips for improving a nightclub marketing plan to help you get any slumped sales back on track.

The best part about these marketing tips is that they are simple and cost-effective – but are sure to yield effective results.

The ideas range from working on your social media presence to bringing in some small changes in your nightclub to make it more accessible to people across all age groups.

So, let’s get started.

Here are 8 top tips for improving your nightclub marketing plan. You can jump to the sections you want to read about by clicking the links below:


1. Add Bloc to your marketing plan
2. Improve your social media presence
3. Incorporate SEO tactics and strategies
4. Reviews work like magic – get them
5. Invest in good quality photography
6. Work on your website
7. Posters with a twist
8. Themed days
9. Spice up the nightclub/a>


1. Add Bloc to your marketing plan


Bloc is a social events app that rewards users for attending venues.

You can market your nightclub on Bloc to showcase the venue and we’ll show this ad to every Bloc user within 10 miles of the venue.


Nightclub marketing plan - Bloc


Bloc’s advertising is different to most platforms. You only pay if someone checks in and attends the nightclub (via geo-location).

You don’t pay for impressions or clicks so it’s truly a pay-per-result platform.

You can trial Bloc for free with £150 ad credit so the first 75 customers are on us.


2. Improve your social media presence


If it’s not on social media, it does not exist – that’s the basic rule on which the current generation functions.

The percentage of the population that will physically look around for your nightclub is significantly in a minority, almost negligible.

And this is precisely why you need to work on creating a bang-on social media presence.

So, what should be your plan of action?


Social media for venues


If you don’t have any social media accounts for your nightclub, start with creating a couple of them on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. This is what your target audience will be using most.

Keep an eye on new social media platforms, as that’s where you’ll find your target crowd (youngsters) hanging out. If you manage to get yourself popular out there, your nightclub will soon be full of a lively crowd.

Likewise, if you already have social media accounts that aren’t active or nearly dead, this is the right time to revive them.

Post out all the best features of your nightclub, the additions to the menu, weekday and weekend offers, and even events.

Make sure the platforms are always buzzing with ample activity, as that’s how a larger crowd will notice you.


3. Incorporate SEO tactics and strategies


Merely having an elaborate social media presence is of no use if you don’t focus on search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies.

With proper SEO tactics, you can feature your nightclub at the top of the search results.

This means that whenever anyone searches for nightclub options, your nightclub would feature in the top ten results.

How to make this happen?

Well, it’s all in the magic of keywords!


SEO for Nightclub Marketing Plan


Keywords are the crux of the SEO world.

The right keywords will take you places, and we’re not even kidding.

As a business, focusing on appropriate keyword curation is very important for getting the visibility you deserve.

For example, you can carry out brief research to find out what keywords are most popularly used by people looking for nightclubs in your locality on Google.

You can then use these keywords to your website and social media content to get a better, wider reach.


4. Reviews work like magic – get them


Reviews are the modern-day version of word-of-mouth publicity.

So, the more, the merrier!

After all, what is better than receiving reviews from people who have already visited your nightclub and had an amazing time there?

Their firsthand experience will only encourage more people to drop into your nightclub and have their share of the fun too!

While getting reviews is not easy, you can always offer incentives to your regular customers in exchange for reviews.


Nightclub google reviews


For example, offer special discounts and gift cards to the people visiting your nightclub and encourage them to drop reviews on your website and different social media sites.

Even one positive review makes a whole lot of difference, so just imagine the impact if you manage to gather as many as you can!

People these days don’t head to any location without checking the reviews of that place.

So, when you take all the effort possible to provide the best services to your customers, you might as well let the world know about it!

And reviews are the best way to do it.


5. Invest in good quality photography


Yes, photos matter a lot on social media and even otherwise, which is why you need to make sure the photography game is on-point.

If you are a great photographer yourself, there’s nothing like it.

All you have to do is bring in creative ideas to click photos of the food, drinks, and other specialties in your nightclub.

The images should be able to capture and portray the whole vibe of your nightclub.

Implement different tricks, learn new ones, and only then will your photos gain enough attention.


Nightclub photographer


Light matters the most; hence depending on the subject you are capturing, pick the perfect light settings and props to enhance the frame.

These little add-ons will make a significant difference in the resultant photographs you capture.

If you aren’t good at photography, do not hesitate to bring in professional photographers.

While these photographers are well-versed with the trade, you can also pitch in with whatever creative ideas you have to make the most of the photoshoot.

And after you are done with capturing the photographs, don’t forget to add final touch-ups before you post them on social media.

And yes, witty captions are always welcome!

They instantly capture the attention of viewers, and this will help increase your followers too!


6. Work on your website


Every business out there has its own website – but what sets your website apart from thousands of websites out there?

That’s precisely what you must think about and incorporate into your website.

If you feel you need to work on some aspects of your website, change them instantly. If you believe the entire website requires a revamp, go for it! Make the website as informative, user-friendly, and accessible as you can.

Ensure you update the website with everything your customers would like to know – the latest offers, discounts, group discounts, venue booking, and even happy hours.

To make the website more informative, you can also start a blog on it.


Website for parties


This blog can cover different types of topics revolving around food, drinks, and nightclubs on an overall basis.

Invite food bloggers to review the food and drinks you offer in your nightclub.

Hire a freelance blogger to write frequent posts for your website blog. This will help the website stay updated with well-researched, useful content.

You can also make your website more user-friendly.

Don’t complicate the interface; keep it simple and easy to navigate through.

This will help your customers immensely, as they can easily book the nightclub to host an intimate party or reserve a couple of tables for a get-together with friends.


7. Posters with a twist


These days, no one is interested in posters with lots of information printed on them.

But minimalist posters? A big yes!

Rather than filling the poster’s every corner with information relating to your nightclub, simply create an appealing poster with the name of your nightclub and a QR code.

The people who come across your posters can instantly scan the QR code to secure a reservation in your nightclub for themselves or their group of friends.

Those who make their reservations via the QR code can be offered special discounts to this crowd.


Nightclub poster


Or even a free drink or two would also do!

As they step into the nightclub, you can also encourage them to post on their social media that they’re currently hanging out at your nightclub – and yes, this deserves an extra drink too!

Make sure you place the posters in the right areas, somewhere where a lot of your target crowd can easily notice.

The posters need to be very appealing and eye-catching; only then will they get the attention they deserve.


8. Themed days


These days never go out of fashion!

Also, this is a great idea to incorporate in your nightclub marketing plan as this allows you to get as creative as you can be.

It’s your nightclub, after all, and people are here to have fun. So go beyond the usual themes and think of out-of-the-box ideas which will work as excellent crowd pullers.

Along with a couple’s day, you can also host a specific day (or part of the day) for singles or single moms and single dads, respectively.

If you wish to pull in the older crowd, set aside an afternoon for them and watch how they trickle in huge numbers!


Singles night


Special discounts for employees of nearby offices work wonders too – as they too are on the lookout to bust their dress after a long day at work.

You can also host a local band to play on days of the week in your nightclub.

Or organize sports meets or a game day too!

You can have quiz sessions, lucky draw games, spot prizes, or more complex games such as table tennis, carrom, or a dartboard!

The winners know what they get – a round of extra drinks or even some discount coupons for their next visit would do!


9. Spice up the nightclub


People love your nightclub and will visit it no matter what. That’s fantastic, but a little change is always welcome!

You can introduce changes in many ways in your nightclub to make it more appealing to the masses.

You can start with the menu and bring in some new foods and drinks.

Try bringing some unusual cuisine into the menu to give it a refreshing makeover (you can continue with the old crowd favorites!).

Also, the same applies to the drinks.

You can reinvent the old items, give them fancy new names, or even bring in new drinks and cocktails if possible.


Update your venue


People hit nightclubs for the food and drinks, and the best thing you can do is offer them something fresh for a change.

Apart from the food and drinks, the ambiance of your nightclub matters a lot too.

Changing the entire setup would be financially straining.

Instead, you can choose to revamp certain nooks and corners of your nightclub.

Make it more Instagram-worthy, and people will throng your club to click pictures as well.

This change will bring a fresh vibe to the nightclub and, of course, work as a crowd puller.

If you don’t have games, bring them in – whatever it is, simple board games, Jenga tiles, crosswords, a table tennis setup, or a dartboard – these will help you host the themed days we mentioned before too.

Don’t limit your creativity to standard ideas; thinking out of the box is what will set you apart from other nightclubs.


Summing up


A nightclub is a happening place, and people visit nightclubs for a refreshing, rejuvenating experience.

If you can make this place to be even more appealing for the masses, you will be able to entice the crowds to your nightclub.

Marketing goes a long way when it comes to advertising your club.

The goal is not to attract crowds temporarily and then have dry runs for months together.

Good marketing ideas and their implementation will help keep your nightclub popular and fresh in customers’ minds.


Nightclub marketing plan tips


This will not only make them visit more often, but also recommend the nightclub to friends and family too.

Also, the marketing requirements of every club will be different- there’s no doubt about that.

Depending on the size, location, scale, and target crowd, the marketing strategy would alter.

But we’ve tried to give you a basic idea of where you can get started with a proper nightclub marketing plan.

You can always add in your own creativity depending on the requirements of your nightclub to make a fool-proof and systematic nightclub marketing plan.

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