Nightclub Marketing Agencies: Top 8 Marketing Companies For Nightclubs


Nightclub marketing agencies


Partnering with the right agency for your nightclub is important, which is why we have curated this list of the top 8 nightclub marketing agencies for you to get quotes from.

Marketing a nightclub isn’t easy, so sometimes it is best to get the experts involved.

With years of experience they know the do’s and don’ts of the industry.

The majority of nightclubs actually struggle these days, as many believe they can sail the tricky waters alone.

In this list, we run through the top 8 nightclub marketing agencies, so if you are a nightclub owner or run the marketing operations for a nightclub, you’re in the right place.

These are the best digital marketing companies for nightclubs, look no further!

We’ve got you covered and your nightclub will be full to the brim once again.


1. CJ Digital
2. JC Social
3. Bespoke Marketing
4. Prospekt Digital
5. Bar Synergy Group
6. PS Print
7. The Midnight Club
8. Propeller


1. CJ Digital


As far as the best marketing companies for nightclubs go, CJ Digital tops the list.

They are the leading experts in digital marketing for bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Infact, we’d go as far as saying nightclubs are actually their area of expertise.

Every single nightclub in the UK is listed on Bloc and we utilised CJ Digital’s extensive experience to boost the online presence of our featured venues.


CJ Digital - Nightclub Marketing Agency


A prime case study can be found as a testimonial on their homepage, where they did the marketing for Bloc’s launch party at Halo nightclub.

Their outreach ensured a full capacity venue and we returned to Halo on multiple occasions, this time coming fully equipped with international DJs such as Gorgon City, Sigala, Rudimental and Oliver Dollar.

They certainly know their nightclub marketing inside out and offer a range of services including influencer marketing, which is crucial to get your venue in front of your target audience.

With quotes starting from £1000+VAT a month, their services are affordable and professional.


2. JC Social


This is either a spooky coincidence or these guys took inspiration from CJ Digital, but JC Social are also well known for their nightclub marketing strategies.

JC Social Media have represented dozens of the UK’s most exciting pubs and nightclubs.

Hospitality is a sector that relies heavily on online influence through social media and TripAdvisor management, most guests will find your venue or event this way, and their portfolio consists of many well known pubs and nightclubs in the UK.

JC are probably best known for their marketing expertise when it comes to launch night – so if you’re a brand new nightclub and you’re feeling nervous about opening night, look no further than the team at JC – they’ll take the stress right out of it for you.


3. Bespoke Marketing


At number 3 in our list of the best digital marketing companies for nightclubs is an online marketing agency that goes by the name of Bespoke Marketing.

We threw these guys in our list because we utilised them at the very start of Bloc’s journey when our budgets were incredibly tight.


Bespoke Marketing UK


They’ll write a marketing plan for your nightclub for just £99 and offer no contract SEO services to suit any budget too.

If you’re looking for a short term SEO boost over the next 3 months at a low price, Bespoke Marketing could be a great option for you to explore.


4. Prospekt Digital


Nightclub marketing is all about getting a taste of the experience before you go. As nightclubs we want to create a hype that gets the masses coming, right?

But how do you make this happen? Well, Prospekt Digital can run a social media campaign to do just that.

Their nightclub marketing services are the perfect tools for building hype around your venue or any upcoming event.

They will make sure the vibe of your nightclub shines through in all their digital products – meaning your guests won’t leave disappointed.


5. Bar Synergy Group


Ok, we are now over halfway there! At number 5 in our list of the best digital marketing companies for nightclubs is the Bar Synergy Group.

As a marketing agency, they specialise in restaurants and clubs.

Their team of passionate, hardworking experts will design and implement your nightclub’s advertising, branding, digital, marketing, and PR needs.


Bar Synergy Group - Nightclub Marketing Agency


They will promote your bar or restaurant in the most cost-effective way possible and execute results that separate you from the competition.

If you want to stand out from the crowd with a quirky campaign, give Bar Synergy a try.


6. PS Print


Ok guys, this one is the very definition of a freebie.

We decided to go a little off-piste here as we know some of our readers will be looking for the smallest offering needed, rather than the comprehensive list (above) so if you want to just read more about nightclub marketing, here is a free online guide courtesy of PS Print.

While not technically one of the best digital marketing agencies for nightclubs, you can still read the online guide to get your head around the basics, then revisit this article and start again from number 1, CJ Digital.


7. The Midnight Club


At number 7 on our list of the best digital marketing companies for nightclubs is the Cinderella of the group – The Midnight Club.

Every day, they countdown to midnight – I mean for real, there is a clock on their website which does just this, as they believe midnight is the optimum time for when nightclubs thrive.


The Midnight Club


Their strategy focuses on content generation – in particular video – and they’ve recorded marketing promotion for events such as Notting Hill Carnival as well as online documentaries too.

If you’re a nightclub looking for a brand new promotional video and you have a slightly more generous budget to spend, head over to the midnight club – you won’t be disappointed.


8. Propeller


Propeller is a London based digital marketing agency for nightclubs.

They were established 20 years ago and they are a talented team of specialists who help provide strategic support and direction where you need it most.

If you require the full 360 marketing package for your nightclub, Propeller provides website design & development, UX digital strategy, eCommerce, SEO & PPC.

At Propeller they deliver exceptional digital experiences and will be happy to help your nightclub too.

This agency is recommended for already very well-established night clubs who have a much larger budget, which is why we’ve put them at the opposite end of the list to CJ Digital.


Summing up


So there you have it. That was our list of the top 8 nightclub marketing agencies, ranging all the way from CJ Digital down to Propeller.


Best nightclub marketing agencies


We recommend CJ Digital as the number 1 digital marketing agency for nightclubs, they offer the best service for the best price in the industry, but feel free to ask for quotes from all of the above and choose the package which is right for you.

Good luck and #seeyouthere.

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