How to Promote a Nightclub: 6 Nightclub Promotional Ideas


How to promote a nightclub


Learning how to promote a nightclub is easy. Executing the marketing strategies for nightclubs efficiently is not.

The frustrating thing about marketing is that when you get repetitive with your marketing strategies, they won’t really yield the same results.

You need to keep churning out unique marketing ideas for your nightclub to ensure you have ample footfall throughout the year.

If you’re looking for fresh, out-of-the-box ‘how to promote a nightclub’ ideas, we’re here to help!

We have listed some interesting ideas that you can implement for your business and watch it grow.

The best part about nightclubs is that there’s no set of marketing rules for them – you can go all out and come up with different ideas, depending on the requirements of your nightclub.

You can consider our ideas as a starting point and then let your mind run wild with creativity!

So, let’s get started with these simple yet super effective ideas for how to promote a nightclub:


1. List your nightclub on Bloc
2. Host events in your nightclub
3. Offer special offers to influencers and bloggers
4. Create a blog
5. Bring in the themed events
6. Get creative with the menu


1. List your nightclub on Bloc


If you want your nightclub to get the visibility it deserves, you need to pick the perfect platform to list it on for the world to know.

One platform worth exploring is ours, Bloc – a free, one-stop app where people check-in to venues they’re attending.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Users can check into your nightclub and let others know where they are heading for a party night. The app also allows users to interact with each other before they head to the location.

Every check-in is tracked via geo-location, for which the users receive stars if they attend.


Bloc Newsfeed Ad


Once they have collected enough stars, they can convert the stars into real money.

The whole idea of Bloc is to incentivize people to socialize.

Now, as a nightclub business, all you need to do is sign up on Bloc and advertise your nightclub to increase the number of check-ins on the app.

The advertising comes at reasonable rates at £2 per check-in, so it is definitely one option you can consider as you sign up on Bloc.

You can trial the advertising with £150 free ad credit which is 75 free customers.

Whether your bar is new or already existing, or even if you have relocated, Bloc is a great platform to ramp up your visibility.


2. Host events in your nightclub


Hosting special events in your nightclub is a great crowd puller.

It is advertising your nightclub for free!

When people select your venue to host their special day, they invite their friends, family, and colleagues.

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary, engagement ceremony, or any other special event, you are sure to have a lot of people visiting your nightclun.

At these events, the guests are likely to experience the different features of your bar and if they love the experience, they will probably return.

Make sure you’ve put your best foot out for each of these events – right from the ambiance, the food, drinks, and other perks – ensure you’ve got them right.



Another way your nightclub will automatically get promoted is via social media.

The people who attend that event will take amazing photos and post them on their social media accounts.

Now how can you make the most of this? Simply offer them free drinks or food to post the pics on their social media and tag your official handle or page.

Also, make sure you have some fancy photo booths in the best spots in your club.

This would make it easy for people to capture Instagram-worthy shots and post them.

Your nightclub will have a wide reach via these posts.

People would get to know that your nightclub is a hot and happening spot with an on-point ambiance – and well, you know the rest!


3. Offer special offers to influencers and bloggers


Influencers and bloggers hitting your club are a great marketing opportunity.

They have a wide fan following – so if you get them to post good reviews and photographs of your nightclub, there would be nothing like it!

In return, you would, of course, have to offer them incentives, which seems a totally worthy deal.

So how can you make this work?

You can give out introductory discounts or group discounts to the influencers and bloggers.

For a longer commitment, you can ask them to put out a certain number of posts, after which they would be eligible for a free night at the nightclub with their friends or would get the best bottle of wine you have in store.


How to promote a nightclub with influencers


Make sure the posts aren’t too promotional – instead, keep them subtle and strategic.

The idea is to promote your nightclub without making it too obvious.

Again, one or two posts every week wouldn’t help you – make sure you have a steady flow of posts over time to garner enough attention.

Out of sight, out of mind – that’s what the current generation is. So constant reminders now and then would be great.

Also, when influencers and bloggers repeatedly post about your nightclub, their followers know that this is a great place and worth visiting.

You can start by contacting influencers who have already visited your club and then slowly begin contacting other influencers too.

You can then maintain a record of these influencers and bloggers and then contact them for such promotional activities in the future too.


4. Create a blog


Wondering why almost every successful nightclub, pub, bar, restaurant, and café has a blog on their website?

Well, it is because blogs help boost visibility.

Maintaining a blog has several benefits, and even though it may seem time-consuming, blogs are totally worth the effort.

The most crucial benefit of blogs is that they help improve your search engine rankings.

Now, who doesn’t want to be right at the top when someone types ‘best nightclub near me’ in their search bar?




So, to ensure you are in the top three rankings, simply come up with a lovely blog for your nightclub.

Now, what can you cover in this blog?

Anything and everything around your nightclub, food, drinks, and the whole concept of nightclubbing.

You can consider hiring a dedicated writer for your blog to churn out fresh, appealing content every week or on a periodical basis.

Introduce guest writers, collaborate with famous food bloggers so that they, too, can contribute to your blog.

Make the blog as interesting as you can – keep it simple, conversant, informative, and relatable – something your target audience would love to read.

Blogging adds value to your social media accounts too and works as a crowd puller for your business website.

When you share blog content on your social media platforms, you can direct them directly to your website for more information.


5. Bring in the themed events


No, themed days aren’t out of fashion – especially when you can get all creative with them!

Why stick to the good old themed days when you can adapt and introduce new ones?

While the rest of the bars may have a couple’s special night out, you can have a single mom/dad’s day out!

All you have to do is watch out for what’s uncommon, pick the idea and implement it in your style in your very own nightclub.

You can also cater to the senior citizens and host them for a lovely afternoon in your club too for extra revenue.

People of all ages always love game days.


Themed events


You can take gaming a step ahead and introduce competitions too!

The winners would get coupons or huge discounts, which would also ensure that they would visit the next time.

The games can be something as simple as a dartboard or table tennis.

Games tournaments ensure people hang out in your bar for a longer time – which also means more drinks and food on the rounds!

For music and poetry lovers, you can host a karaoke night or a slam poetry evening.

Find a local band and get them to perform in your club. They’d love the exposure, and you’d get a lovely crowd swooning to the songs that the band can play on-demand.

Get creative with the themed days and watch how the footfall at your bar shoots up!


6. Get creative with the menu


Food and drink will never get out of style – so make sure you put the best out there!

If you keep serving the same old routine food and beverages in your nightclub, the chances of your patrons getting bored are high.

So, here’s what you can do instead – leave the popular classics of your nightclub untouched and alter the rest of the menu.

Introduce new starters and some lovely accompaniments with the drinks (like cheese).

People hit the nightclub for drinks, more than food. The food is just the essential sidekick.


Club menu


The main hero is the drinks!

Give your bartender the freedom to experiment and come up with cool, never-heard-of-before cocktails.

You can also get in a cocktail expert who can serve guests tailor-made drinks. With all these funky drinks on your menu, who wouldn’t love to hit your nightclub?

Make sure you create ample hype around your revamped food menu, drinks, and funky cocktails so that people are aware of the changes you have brought in.

Systematically schedule the posts to pique the interest of your patrons long before you introduce the menu. Only then will they head into your nightclub to experiment with the new menu!


Summing up how to promote a nightclub


We d hope these ideas for how to promote a nightclub help you!

Like we said before, these marketing ideas can help you get started – you can come up with your own ideas too!

Your marketing strategies depend on many factors – the budget availability, the space of your nightclub, the overall vibe that you wish to incorporate, the target crowd you wish to cater to, and a lot more.

So, ditch the typical ideas and bring in the unique, uncommon ones, and we’re sure they’ll work wonders for your nightclub!

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