How to Increase Nightclub Sales: 25 Best Practices


Increase Nightclub Sales


Increase nightclub sales by introducing strategies that can revive a culture of passion in your nightclub.

You can make your events and atmosphere more attractive with some proven practices to help increase nightclub sales.

Automatically increase nightclub sales by:

  1. Improving your marketing skills (social media and digital)
  2. Incentivizing customers to spend more in your nightclub

Just like you, every other nightclub owner would want their nightclub to be the most successful one out there. Now, you must actively engage in strategies and tricks that drive in more people to your nightclub if you want the spotlight.

Want to find out more? Let’s look at 25 fascinating practices that will act as your foundation to increase nightclub revenue.


How to increase nightclub sales:

1. Benefit from your existing customers
2. Amplify the online buzz of your nightclub
3. Advertise your pub on Bloc
4. Make your social-media pages pulsating and vibrant
5. Work out the monthly number of visits to see when you’re busy
6. Place, time and convenience matters
7. Actively ask for reviews, comments and videos
8. Music is your best weapon
9. Give your customers memorable moments
10. “Is the food good there?”
11. Good public relations keep your community happy
12. Think about quantities
13. Expand your menu
14. Have an attractive back bar? You’ve got it right
15. Maintain your style
16. Be a tech-friendly nightclub
17. Encourage collective drinking
18. Organise events and competitions
19. Risk a small amount of money for more revenue
20. Promote where it helps most
21. What do you want to be known for?
22. Monetize through your menu
23. Train your staff
24. Implement art and theatrics
25. What does your nightclub actually look like?


1. Benefit from your existing customers


Your existing customers can change the game for you if they are satisfied with your nightclub’s ambiance, staff-services, cocktails, drinks, pulsating DJs, crowd, and food.

You need to give them more incentives that attract them to spend more or visit you more often.


Young people partying


Your customers represent the audience that would probably be interested in clubbing and partying. If they recommend your club or share your club’s pictures online, they will invite a good crowd to your nightclub.

Large crowds convey your popularity. The more the popularity, the more appealing your nightclub would look to a stranger.


2. Amplify the online buzz of your nightclub


Who are you? How ‘big’ is the party at your nightclub looking? What is so special about your nightclub? What do you have to offer? What’s in it for your customers?

If your online website does not demonstrate (mind the word ‘demonstrate’ ) the answers to these questions, you are way behind than you thought. However, there is still a chance of increasing your online presence so you can increase nightclub sales .


Increase nightclub revenue


Use highly SEO-optimized digital marketing mechanisms to increase nighthat help your pages ascend to one of the top spots on Google. Keep in mind that:

1. You have a customer-friendly website that gives space to online reviews and customer’s comments.
2. The load is minimum, the content is adequate, the website is compatible across devices and it has a landing page.
3. Your landing page can increase the traction and convert innumerable leads into customers.


3. Advertise your nightclub on Bloc


Bloc is one of the easiest things you can setup if you want to increase your nightclubs attendance and therefore your nightclub’s revenue.

Here’s how it works:

1. You create an ad on Bloc’s advertising platform for free
2. The ad is pushed to every Bloc user on the app within 10 miles of the venue
3. If someone checks into your nightclub via Bloc and physically attends you are only charged £2. They are tracked via geo-location so check-ins only count if they attend.
4. The user gets rewarded stars within the app, which they can exchange for real money

So Bloc, in short, incentivises it’s users for attending clubs like yours financially. It’s only pay-per-result for you as well, so it’s risk-free and budget friendly. One of the most important steps of increasing nightclub sales is getting more people to the venue, and Bloc can help with this.


4. Make your social-media pages pulsating and vibrant


Your social media page is an overview of what life at your nightclub can look like. The first impression that your YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest pages must give is:

Visit it before you lose it.


Nightclub social media


People must feel that your offers are limited and they will miss out something huge if they don’t join you immediately. How to make that happen?

1. Capture the feisty and fun moments.
2. Post a decent number of pictures on a daily basis.
3. Build your online community by holding polls, competitions, etc.
4. Use an HD quality camera and appoint a brilliant photographer. Represent small nuances of your nightclub and turn them into a feature.
5. Regularly ask for feedback, reviews, and more.


5. Work out the monthly number of visits to see when you’re busy


Set an image in your mind or organize your work physically.

See what events come up and analyze the days on which your club will be busy. If you are planning on increasing the sales during Halloween, will your club manage to accommodate the boom in the number of customers that you receive?

If your club receives a greater audience during that period, shift your incentives to a week before Halloween or a week later. That is to say, keep in mind that your purpose is not to hoard sales on one day and be empty on others.


Queues in clubs


Apply a similar approach when dealing with smaller time lapses.

For example, you want to look at weekly sales. If your club does exceptionally well on weekends, then probably divert your attention to weekdays such as Wednesdays and Thursdays when you might give amazing offers.


6. Place, time and convenience matters


If you are beginning to indulge in the ultramodern business of nightclubs, try and set up your club at a location that people can reach easily and quickly. That means there must be easy transportation, parking, and a friendly atmosphere. It’s impossible to increase nightclub sales if people find it difficult to attend in the first place.

You want your local population to visit you? Then choose a location that is near to them. You might face fierce competition because all smart nightclub owners might have already picked the most convenient spot.

However, you have got to make your space in a part of the city where the daily working population notices you.


7. Actively ask for reviews, comments and videos


If you’re getting excellent reviews, it means that Google might be rewarding you in terms of local SEO.

But wait, before you go into the importance of reviews, are your services worth it? If your answer is a feeble yes, then you probably have to go over your services and bring them up a notch.

If that is clear, try to pick a comprehensive and believable reviewing strategy. Reviews are important as they increase your online presence. However, bad reviews cost more than good reviews can return. Try to be cautious about that.


Google reviews


If you are confident, keep a check on how you are reviewed. Analyze how Google, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and other portals have marked you.

If you think you haven’t received enough votes, encourage your customers to fill out a review. One good way can be to give them the review tab open on a tablet while you give the bill.


8. Music is your best weapon


We mean it when we say that music is your God. You can expect to increase nightclub sales if your soundtrack and artists aren’t capable of engaging the audience.


DJ and music for marketing


Appoint a DJ or a group of artists that have a lot of passion for what they do. Turn up the volume for your audience and let your premium-quality speakers rage.

If your budget allows, you can feature a popular or semi-popular artist in your nightclub once in a while. Tickets will sell out quickly and you will get more people than you expected.


9. Give your customers memorable moments


We will keep this point simple and short because in brevity lies the meaning.

1. Your services, your music, your drinks, your crowd are the ways to impress your customers. Keep the standard high.
2. They have come to your nightclub for an enjoyable night out and to take a break. Who knows what they have to deal with back at home. Put the effort in to make it the best time possible for them, then they’ll keep coming back for more and will spend more money.
3. If you or your staff members make a mistake, apologize and try to mend the broken chord. Try with extra effort and you will see the results in returning customers and more postive reviews.


10. “Is the food good there?”


If you go out for a quick party at a nightclub, the first question will either be about food or drinks. That is valid for your nightclub as well. Wait, what? Your club doesn’t have food?


Increase nightclubs sales with food


Most successful clubs nowadays offer dinner service before the venue turns into a nightclub.  It works like pixie dust in maintaining a good atmosphere and driving more customers in.

Plus, your food should be smoking hot, delicious, and varied. You need amazing chefs at your disposal. If you serve good food, people are sure to come back.


11. Good public relations keep your community happy


You must have happy and healthy relations with not just your customers but also your staff members, chefs, and artists if you want to increase nightclub sales.

– Give your staff the pay they deserve.
– Encourage them for their work.
– Never exploit or disrespect their service.
– If they are not highly trained, help them.
– Give them the freedom to build relations with customers.
– Do not overcharge to the extent that your customers cannot afford you.
– Stay kind and value your people.


12. Think about quantities


How to keep both staff and customers happy? Get resourceful and follow these tips:

– Serve smaller plates- if your quality is great, you can take advantage of appropriating the quantity.
– It mostly works because people want to taste different dishes rather than be committed to one big one.
– Offer a standard quantity of wine and mocktails. Let the customers know about your size and amount beforehand.
– Some drinks, even when offered in a small quality, get more attention because they create an impression of being worth the money.
– Increase the quantity of food or wine for old customers. It will act as an incentive for them to revisit you.


13. Expand your menu


When you have more variety to offer, people usually try more choices. You do not want your club to be selling only alcohol because that would drive out the non-alcoholic customers.


Mocktails for more money


Hence, expand your menu. Probably add a dozen mocktails. Maybe go for some regional drinks. It will reflect your cultural awareness of the society and make you an exceptional nightclub.

In the beginning, try to give out a few complimentary drinks and then slowly increase the price and make them your exclusive services.


14. Have an attractive back bar? You’ve got it right


Unless you have an alternative that can display your services, go for the visual effect of the back bar. Your back bar should look soothing, elegant, and rich to the eyes. It invites customers to spend more on expensive booze.


Nightclub back bar

Try to keep your most expensive wines in front. If they look sophisticated, someone will surely notice them and try it out. It is always a good idea if your exclusive products find a special spot up front.


15. Maintain your style


If you want to increase nightclub revenue, try to be as trendy as possible. Keep yourself informed about all possible nightclub fashions so that you are the trendsetter and not a follower.

– Go with music that is popular.
– Introduce drinks that go with the trend of low-sugar and low-alcohol.
– Cater to health-conscious customers in your services. Offer one or two healthy drinks.
– Host popular events such as Fourth of July or St. Patrick’s Day at your nightclub.


16. Be a tech-friendly nightclub


You use technology in your nightclub but are you updated enough to keep up with the advancements? If no, then get tech-savvy because your customers want technologically-sound methods of offering services.


Increase nightclub revenue with tech

– Reviews and comments can be taken through user-friendly interfaces that are quick and do not demand customer’s information.
– You can use trendy apps that software developers make for club owners. They help in the collectivization of data and information.
– Use trendy sound systems, mics, and neon lights, and let the fun begin.
– Stay informed so that you can help your customer. Offer chargers for Androids, iPhones, etc in case your customer’s battery runs out.


17. Encourage collective drinking


What if you replace your staff that pours drinks by a more technologically advanced system. You open up a nozzle and the drink flows out until a specific point. This idea is a new concept called “self-pour beer”.


Self-serve drinks


When your customers see a variety of drinks, they either consider more choices or decide on one option faster than they do when alcohol is served. This will help you because more trials mean better sales.

Plus, it also decreases the possibility of customers waiting. One set of customers gets served faster which means that new customers come in. Through this strategy you can increase nightclub revenue while your customers are pouring drinks one after the other.


18. Organise events and competitions


We all know how we go crazy when there is a trivia quiz in nightclubs, don’t we? Within that context, understand how much people will enjoy competitions where you offer those fascinating gifts as well. You can celebrate special days by organizing such events. This is helpful because:

– It incentivizes your old customers to come back and see what is going on special.
– It helps you release the stock that is not going out of date. Use them as your prizes.
– Makes customers prepared for more such fascinating events.


19. Risk a small amount of money for more revenue


The benefits of this strategy far exceed the losses. Many times what sellers do is they lower down the cost of an expensive entity in order to gain profits from elsewhere.


Christmas drinks at nightclubs


For example, you can lower the cost of your best-seller wine which is a favorite of many during Christmas. This is to increase the chance of more people coming in.

While some may be smart enough to order the wine only, others will ask for either dinner or cocktails or mocktails. The more customers doing this means more money. This strategy increases nightclub sales to an overwhelming number.


20. Promote where it helps most


If your bar is the center of attention in your nightclub, place all your promotion posters, discount banners, etc, somewhere in that vicinity. You want more people to see it so you can increase nightclub sales.

However, it won’t make a point if you display the discount on dinner near the bar. Instead, a discount on sets of wine at the bar would prove to be more profitable. Observe these small details when promoting your services.


21. What do you want to be known for?


You must have something that is specific to you and your nightclub. The best way of doing this is by creating a signature drink, cocktail, or mocktail that beats every other drink in taste, quality, price, etc.


Signature cocktail to increase nightclub sales


Many times, a drink becomes popular and people from all over come to your place only in search of that one drink. Well, your club deserves to have its own “Specially Made For You” cocktail. Let’s reveal a secret here.

You must be aware that low-alcohol drinks have become increasingly popular. It is one of the reasons why drinks like seltzers have become the new talk of the town as they contain 4.5% to 5% alcohol. You could probably try one of these as your special drink.


22. Monetize through your menu


Your menu is your invisible marketer and with a few simple tricks can increase nightclub sales.

Try to come up with super creative names on the menu for not just your food but also your drinks. Let them sound exotic and new.

When you give your food a luxurious description, you are sure to attract your customers. Now, tell me which one you would like to choose:

Martini garnished with Olive or Mediterranean Olive-born Martini with a splash. Well, we would go with the latter, just because it appears cool and we know that you would too. That’s the entire point.


Perfect drinks menu

Along with that, make sure you never mention prices with currency on your menu. Prices as a number decreases the pressure of spending.


23. Train your staff


As a business manager, you would not be able to go back and forth to each and every customer. That is why you need your staff members to be trained in not just offering services but also in increasing sales through closet-marketing.


Train nightclub staff


Closet-marketing means marketing by locking direct intentions in a closet. It is a more subtle way of promoting your services.

Your staff must be fluent in conversing and communicating the details of the drink. If they glorify and categorize a drink as someone’s favorite, there are more chances that customers will try it out. When people know more about alcohol, they are curious enough to test if the taste really justifies what it claims.


24. Implement art and theatrics


If your night club does not host bar theatrics like smoking out the fire, you are missing out on a huge number of customers. Many surveys have revealed that people do not go to nightclubs anymore for the reason that nightclubs do not offer any adventure.


Nightclub bar theatrics

People prefer beer festivals to nightclubs because they are attracted to wild theatrics that happen in such festivals. If your staff is trained in mixology, more customers are likely to visit you than other clubs because they perhaps want to see the theatrics. Invest in your staff and you will increase nightclub sales.


25. What does your nightclub actually look like?


Your atmosphere matters as much as the vibe that your nightclub gives out. Try to either make the space of your nightclub large, aiming at a modernist look or go with a vintage appearance.

These days, many bars are in the format of a dive with the rustic look. While their services are as elegant and neat as a top-notch nightclub, they try to give a jukebox feel through their ambiance. That is because they want to adopt a vibe that reflects the late 70s tradition of clubbing.


Wrapping Up

Now that you have got a few tips on how to increase nightclub revenue, let’s give the last tip that will surprise you. Many nightclubs give coupons as incentives to their customers. It sounds like a decent way to invite your customers back. Won’t you want to do it too?

Well, here is the final suggestion. Never give out coupons for increasing nightclub sales because statistics reveal that only 3% of coupons are redeemed. That is a tiny number and it clearly says that neither you nor your customers are going to benefit from it.

As long as you keep a check on small details and maintain the standard of your bar, you are sure to optimize your sales. Take the sophisticated way from here and you will reach your destination with a 5-star rating.

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