Hospitality Marketing Agencies: Top 8 Marketing Companies For Venues


Hospitality marketing agencies


Are you looking to find the best hospitality marketing agencies to showcase your venue?

If you’re in the hospitality industry and you’re struggling with your digital marketing strategies, you want a new website or just that little bit of extra juice from SEO, you’ve come to the right place.

In this list, we review the top eight hospitality marketing agencies for you to consider.

These digital marketing providers average a 4.5 star or above rating from their buyers, like yourselves, and are notorious for making a positive impact in the hospitality industry.

Connecting with the best digital marketing companies has never been easier!


1. CJ Digital
2. Snack London
3. 360 Hotel Marketing
4. Up Hotel
5. Noble Studios
6. DHM
7. Aro
8. Collective World


1. CJ Digital


Here at Bloc, we pride ourselves on covering a wide range of venues in the hospitality industry, including bars, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels.

CJ Digital has always been our number one choice to give these venues expert insight and consultancy when it comes to digital marketing.

Their forward-thinking approach to marketing is refreshing for many venues that are stuck in the past and they help bring your bricks and mortar to the digital era with first-class delivery of SEO and PPC management.


CJ Digital - Hospitality Marketing Agency


But we’ve used CJ Digital for the full 360 package historically, including website auditing and development and influencer marketing too. Their Instagram course is eye-opening too!

If you’re in the hospitality industry and you are in need of digital marketing assistance, your first point of contact should be CJ Digital.

They offer a free 30 minute discovery session and will tailor a strategy to suit your venue’s needs.

Say hello to CJ Digital here.


2. Snack London


From cafes to coffee shops, bars to restaurants, and hotels, nightclubs and large events everywhere, Snack London is one of London’s go-to hospitality marketing agencies.

Snack is a full-service digital marketing agency for London-based hospitality brands, providing a wide range of services including audits, email marketing, public relations and videography.


Snack London


Based in the heart of Soho, where bars, restaurants and hotels are in their thousands, Snack has first-hand experience of the industry and for a slightly more expensive price than CJ Digital, will be able to help your venue too.

Get a free quote from Snack today or sign up for monthly “Snacks” via their newsletter.


3. 360 Hotel Marketing


The third digital marketing agency on our list of the best hospitality marketing agencies is 360 Hotel Marketing.

You guessed it, this agency has been included in our list specifically for you hotel owners out there and they come with a big reputation for building your brand’s future.


360 Hotel Marketing - Hospitality Marketing Agencies


360 claims a long-standing presence and high-touch expertise in Hospitality and niche Marketing, transforming their clients’ aspirations into real success stories. They offer tailor-made, fully adjusted services, and integrated solutions to Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.

They even offered a 57:1 return on advertising spending with one hotel in Athens!

If you’re looking for results like this, get in touch with 360 today.


4. Up Hotel


Up Hotel is a digital marketing agency interested in one thing and one thing only: an increase in the number of bookings at your hotel.

The clue is in the business name and their motto and we’ve worked with Up to deliver marketing campaigns for many hotels on Bloc including the Millennium & Copthorne brands across Chelsea and Knightsbridge.


Up Hotel


If you love holidays and partying, Up have won awards for their work with Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Strike up a long-standing relationship with them and you might be partying with them there for free!


5. Noble Studios


Noble Studios deliver cutting-edge digital performance for the hospitality industry.

With years of experience specialising in messaging and strategy for hospitality brands, Noble is more than just a branding firm, they are a holistic agency for hotels and resorts in multiple locations across the UK.


Noble Studios - Digital Marketing Agency for Hospitality Industry


Increasing audiences, then converting them into guests is their forte, just like providing them with a memorable experience when they get there is yours.

If you operate multi-nationally, Noble Studios may be one for you to consider.


6. DHM


Ok, this one is slightly niche, but we couldn’t resist.

At number six in our list of the best digital marketing companies for the hospitality industry is DHM.

The reason we’ve included them is because of their passion for venues which are used to host weddings.


DHM - Hospitality Marketing Agencies


For £1,200 a month, you can take out their “Wedding Method” marketing plan, which creates the most personalised of enquiry experiences, elevating your hotel’s perception and desire to choose your venue, whilst simultaneously reducing the labour-intensity of traditional follow up for your weddings team.

Sounds good? Let them take the stress out of wedding planning and event management for you.


7. Aro


When it comes to the selection of a hospitality marketing agency, customers tend to go down one of two routes: creative or strategic.

Aro certainly focuses on the strategic approach: the data.

While many of the agencies listed above are frontrunners for branding, influencer marketing and creative design, Aro focuses on the numbers and will continuously optimise your campaigns to deliver the best results.


Aro - venue marketing agency


This is of particular interest to any venue which is looking to improve their email marketing figures or their on-site traffic.

Grow your direct bookings, it’s almost guaranteed with Aro.


8. Collective World


The final digital marketing agency on our list of the top 8 hospitality marketing companies is Collective World.

We’ve included this agency in our list for any UK-based hospitality companies who are looking to expand their horizons and move overseas.


Collective World


Collective World has worked with ambitious brands across the hospitality and beyond, even including Hyundai and the NHS, so while they aren’t a traditional hospitality marketing agency like CJ Digital and the others we have discussed above, we thought we’d include them in this list for any of our readers who may have stumbled upon this list from another industry and just looking to do some research.

Fear not, we have you covered too! As will the Collective World.


Summing up


That concludes our list of the top 8 hospitality marketing companies. It’s important to remember that each venue has different needs and different goals. Some need small tweaks, others need wholesale changes, and each is fine. It’s just great that you are taking the first step to do your research and finding out which are the best agencies in the industry!


Hospitality marketing companies


In terms of value for money and expertise, we highly recommend CJ Digital, but feel free to reach out to all of the agencies above to gather quotes and make a decision which is right for you.

Good luck and don’t forget to sign up to Bloc too! We can help you with a bit of extra marketing ourselves.


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