Hospitality Businesses: How they Help the Local Community


Hospitality Businesses - How they Help the Local Community


Hospitality businesses and venues of all kinds seem to be everywhere these days, notes The Atlantic, especially in cities where breweries are on the rise.

There’s been a trend in the past few years that shows a steady increase of these establishments, many of which make their own beer and offer food, wine, live music, and other entertainment options to patrons.

What many people don’t realize is that these businesses are good for the neighborhood and, as Poached points out, can help boost the local economy.

From organizing running groups to hiring local musicians to play on busy nights, drinking establishments can do great things for your community.

Here are some ways hospitality businesses help local communities:


1. Social clubs
2. Get active
3. Relax
4. The environment
5. Supporting the arts
6. Launching your own brewery business


1. Social clubs


Many hospitality businesses these days are great places to hang with friends, but if you’re new in town, consider heading to the local pub to see what they offer in the way of social groups.


Social clubs


A lot of bars host fantasy football leagues, dart tournaments, volleyball games, and trivia nights, all of which allow guests to meet new people and have fun with old friends.

Plus, you can have a beer while you do all of it!


2. Get active


If there’s a restaurant near you that you’re interested in checking out but don’t have time due to a busy schedule, head to their website to see if they offer a community run/walk club.

A lot of bars, for example, are picking up on the multitasking thing these days because we all have hectic lives, and many are offering a run club on certain days where you can meet up with friends, get in a workout around the neighborhood, then come back to the bar for a cold reward.


Hospitality businesses get people active


Some even offer you a free treat for completing the run!

If you do participate in a running group, be sure to use a screen protector in case your phone falls or gets dropped.

You don’t want to spoil a fun, healthy time by breaking your smartphone!


3. Relax


Taking a seat in a booth or at the bar with a nice glass of wine after a long day can be relaxing, and it’s not only about the drink in your hand.

It’s also the atmosphere, the people, and the ability to temporarily push away the stresses of daily life with a little live music or good conversation.




If you have a pooch, know that more and more drinking establishments are becoming dog-friendly, or you can always hire a dog walker to take your four-legged friend for a walk so that you can head to your favorite bar for a drink after work.

The right spot will make you feel at home and comfortable whether you’re with friends or alone.


4. The environment


Having a fun place to go in the neighborhood means you don’t have to get in the car and drive several miles to find entertainment and create more emissions, meaning it’s good for the environment.


hospitality businesses - the environment


If it’s within walking distance, even better, since drinking and driving is, obviously, a no-no.

Many bars and restaurants have gone green and go the extra mile to promote sound practices to improve the environment.


5. Supporting the arts


Supporting local artists and musicians is important, and many restaurants make it a point to do just that.


Supporting the arts


Whether they’re hanging up artwork created by the locals, hosting live art functions, or giving small bands and other musicians stage-time, many drinking establishments are on top of the whole creativity thing.


6. Launching your own brewery business


This article may have inspired you to start your own bar or restaurant; if so, congratulations!

However, keep in mind that starting and running a restaurant is serious business.

There are many moving parts in this industry, so make sure you understand all that will be expected of you.


Brewery Business


And this goes beyond the kitchen; you’ll need to start filling out paperwork for your LLC and figuring out how to apply for your employer registration number.

To find out how to launch your operation, check out this easy guide on starting a new business.


Summing up


Running a restaurant or bar requires dedication, so make sure you use all the resources available to you.

These include opportunities to take college-level coursework toward a business degree, which will give you the skills needed to start and run your brewery.


hospitality businesses


Online classes are available, which allow you to work around your hectic schedule.

A lot of dining and drinking establishments also support local charities, making them the perfect place to spend some downtime.

Check out your local venues and find out what they’re doing to make your neighborhood even better.

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