Sustainable Bars & Pubs – How to Create an Eco-Friendly Venue


Sustainable Bars & Pubs - How to Create an Eco-Friendly Venue


An eco-friendly venue is one where fun never ends but doesn’t come at the cost of the environment.

As an eco-friendly venue owner this should be your prime motive.

The idea is to find eco-friendly alternatives for almost all the things or services you provide without causing discomfort to your guests.

But how does one do that?

Here’s how you can be on the transformation path to a sustainable bar and eco-friendly venue without costing the customers fun and comfort.


How to create an eco-friendly venue


1. Eliminate the plastic straws
2. Upcycle as much as possible and if not possible, recycle
3. Change to energy-efficient equipment
4. Focus on reducing the carbon footprint
5. Move to solar if possible and green your lighting system


1. Eliminate the plastic straws


Plastic in any form is a villain, and the smaller the plastic waste is, the harder it is to recycle.

So, it finds its way into the landfill. Therefore, the first step would be to eliminate plastic straws.

There are several alternatives to plastic straws.

You can invest in good quality stainless steel straws or switch to cool bamboo straws.


Plastic Straw Damaging the Planet


Both look great when you serve them to your customers; the best part is you can also re-use them.

But if you are looking for a use-and-throw option, you can invest in compostable straws.

These straws are not made entirely out of paper but have other compostable fibers.

This ensures that the straw doesn’t lose its shape while the customer still enjoys their drink.


2. Upcycle as much as possible and if not possible, recycle


Upcycle and recycle– are the two golden methods to bring some element of sustainability into your successful venue venture.

You might be thinking about how upcycling is possible at bars.

The answer is simple. Take, for example, citrus rinds.

Those are left behind once your mixologist is done serving the guests.


How to upcycle food like lemon rinds


Instead of tossing them into the bin, help them find their way into the kitchen, where the baker can make some delicious orange tart with them.

Similarly, find a way to reduce the waste produced by judicious use of resources or by upcycling whatever possible.

The following method would be to recycle whatever is left behind.

Collect the paper straw and napkins and send them to a nearby recycling factory where those will be properly recycled/disposed of without finding their way to the landfill.


3. Change to energy-efficient equipment


Many times, one pays no heed to the energy rating and efficiency of the machine if it does the work for you.

But it’s time to make a change.

So, check if your appliances have the required energy rating and if they are using energy most efficiently.

For example, if you feel your freezer takes a whole load of time to provide batches of ice cubes, it’s time to buy a more energy-efficient one.

Similarly, do the same for your dishwasher and any other daily equipment used in the bar.


Efficient Equipment


You should also keep an eye on the old kitchen appliances.

If the cooktop is way old and doesn’t seem as efficient as it used to be, it’s time to change.

You will be doing a solid favor for the environment and saving a good amount on energy bills.

That said, change the appliances only if they absolutely need to be changed.

If not, let them be. When you replace an appliance with a new one, there’s a high chance that it may not find another home and therefore must be recycled, which again requires energy and resources.


4. Focus on reducing the carbon footprint


The carbon footprint is a value that simply quantifies the impact each of your activities has on the environment.

Therefore, the higher the carbon footprint, the more impact it has on the environment.

The first step to reducing your carbon footprint is to purchase your supplies locally as much as possible.

If you have been bringing in your food items from a faraway place instead of sourcing them from the local farms, it’s time to think about it.


Eco-friendly venue carbon footprint example


The more the truck that carries your supplies runs on the road, the more carbon footprint it adds to your kitty.

Similarly, when you recycle, reuse, or reduce, you are taking significant steps to limit the overall carbon footprint.

So, again, this is a thoughtful and rightful step toward achieving a sustainable bar.


5. Move to solar if possible and green your lighting system


When it’s a venue business, lighting plays a huge role in attracting clients.

So, you will have to spend a great deal on decorating your space and lighting it up as per the occasion. But this doesn’t have to be at the cost of the environment.

You can save energy by switching to energy-efficient lighting systems.

LED lights are far more feasible and energy efficient than conventional light bulbs.

The new ones even allow you to change their colors using your mobile app, so you don’t have to invest in several different colors of incandescent bulbs.


Solar panels


Another method would be to go all green by switching to solar.

You can install standalone units for your venue and use the energy produced by the panels.

You can then use the utility lines when the sun is shining and not so bright.

Not only will you get a considerable reduction in energy bills, but you will also cut down a lot of your carbon footprint and be on the fastrack to carbon neutrality.


Summing up


Making your bar a sustainable and eco-friendly venue is an achievable thing.

You might also be surprised that many of your guests will support your good intention and be interested in your services.

If you believe you are consistent in achieving the eco-friendly practices you have on the wish list, it’s time to put on the badge on the gate of your business, indicating that you are on the path to becoming a sustainable entity.

Wear that badge of honor with pride; your efforts and you surely deserve that.

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