Eco-friendly Pubs – How to Make Your Pub More Sustainable


Eco-friendly Pubs - How to Make Your Pub More Sustainable


Creating more eco-friendly pubs is not only good for the environment but can also result in more business as it gives you a competitive edge and a draw for sustainable customers.

Research suggests that in the last couple of years, several businesses in the UK are focusing on eco-friendly initiatives.

As with any industry, pubs in the UK are devising strategies to incorporate sustainability.

With fierce competition out there and the growing effects of pollution and waste, pubs are increasingly on the lookout for appropriate measures.

If you are a pub owner, the same question on sustainability would be a Damocles sword hanging above you, right?

How do I build an eco-friendly pub? No worries.

Read on to delve into the best ways to make your pub sustainable while retaining most of what it is, with some tweaks.


7 ways to create eco-friendly pubs and improve their sustainability


1. Changing the bar equipment and layout
2. Educating your staff
3. Proper handling of ice
4. Avoid using plastic straws
5. Leveraging local suppliers
6. Effective waste management
7. Adopt the idea of own produce


1. Changing the bar equipment and layout


One of the practical ways to turn yourself into an eco-friendly pub is to revamp the bar – giving new thought to the equipment and cutlery you are presently using.

While completely shifting to a new set of crockery may seem overwhelming, in reality, it would be beneficial and cost-effective in the long run.

Think of using a different type of glassware which may be easier to clean and last longer.


Bar equipment

Quite often, your crockery may be adversely impacting the life of your dishwasher, in turn resulting in a lot of wasteful energy.

Using the appropriate and eco-friendly set of equipment could help you cut down the energy loss while improving the efficiency of your machine.

Another aspect to consider is the – freezers.

They are a mandatory element to run your pubs.

That said, with your focus on enhancing your pub sustainability, it makes sense to opt for energy-conscious and power-saving freezers.


2. Educating your staff


All said, your staff are the crucial components driving your pub.

Do educate them on the importance and benefits of turning into an eco-friendly pub.

Explain how this can improve pub sustainability while bringing in more customers.


Eco-friendly pubs staff training


Additionally, you could organize contests on “Best suggestions to turn into a sustainable pub”, “Great ideas for becoming an eco-friendly pub” and more and offer attractive rewards to keep your employees motivated.

Another awesome idea would be to take your staff occasionally on tour to the suppliers’ farms and let them understand about various kinds of produce.

This would help the chef suitably chalk out the menu while focusing on specific tastes like organic etc.


3. Proper handling of ice


Pubs and ice go together. Quite often, large ice cubes are not used efficiently and end up being simply disposed of.

However, you can always look for options to reduce its consumption. Instead of using ice cubes in the drinks, serve them in a pre-mixed or chilled form.


Ice in bars

This could be a great way to cut down on ice and could mark a simple step towards turning yours into a sustainable pub.


4. Avoid using plastic straws


Plastic straws are in use from the beginning. Nevertheless, the fact remains that they are a major cause of pollution.

Most pubs in the UK and US are moving away from these and resorting to newer options.


Metal straws

If you haven’t yet, it’s high time you make up your mind for a complete change. Use recyclable and bio-degradable products instead that serve the same purpose.

Take this significant step and jump on the bandwagon of eco-friendly pubs.


5. Leveraging local suppliers


To stay sustainable, sourcing from local suppliers is the mantra.

While cost-effective, it ensures freshness and lets you forge strong relationships with the producers. In addition, you are assured of a continuous supply of produce from one or the other supplier.

It’s easy to obtain the products locally as you may be better aware of the top suppliers in respective produce along with their rating and pricing.


6. Effective waste management


One of the most important aspects of ensuring pub sustainability, often ignored, is the effective management of food waste.

The conventional method of general accumulation and disposal through landfill, which is still widely used in several regions, is inappropriate.

A lot of uneaten food from customers goes to waste.


Eco-friendly pubs waste management


In this regard, the practice of packing this food to the respective customers while they leave the pub is becoming increasingly popular.

Other options include the chefs using food judiciously during preparation, such as cutting carrot heads for soups, using cauliflower stalks, and more.

Other ways to create an eco-friendly pub include – saying no to paper napkins, using recyclable paper bags, writing menus on chalkboards, deploying Point-of-Sale systems that send out digital invoices to customers.


7. Adopt the idea of your own produce


While it may be good to source vegetables and fruits from various suppliers, having the means to own the produce is also equally effective.

Most pub owners dedicate time and resources to develop their supply through kitchen gardens.

Kitchen gardens are an amazing way to foster pub sustainability. Besides, they are easier to start and maintain; all you need is a gardener and a small initial cost.


Eco-friendly pubs produce

You can grow some specific vegetables that are primarily a part of your menu.

This would cut down costs while attracting customers who might be interested in organic measures.

Kitchen gardens are truly one of the cost-effective and simplest ways to achieve a sustainable pub.


Wrapping up


Owning a pub is just one aspect. The actual point lies in making it long-lasting, in other words, pub sustainability.

While a vast majority of pub owners are focusing on crafting an eco-friendly pub, many are still not paying any heed to the idea.

However, with the growing impact of pollution and contamination, today or tomorrow, all pubs have to shift to sustainability standards.

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