Christmas Promotion Ideas for Venues – December Promotions That Work


Christmas Promotion Ideas for Venues - December Promotions That Work


Looking for Christmas promotion ideas for venues that work in terms of increasing revenue?

Come December, everyone enters a holiday mood.

As a business owner, it’s the perfect time to promote your venue and boost your brand. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, you can leverage the entire month to keep your customers engaged.

Leave behind usual Christmas promotion ideas – it’s time to work on something different and special.

Read on to delve into some wonderful and out-of-the-box Christmas promotion ideas for venues.


Christmas promotion ideas for venues that work:


1. Create an epic meal at your venue
2. Include Hanukkah in your strategy
3. Create a special “corner”
4. Create a new menu with micro-influencer names
5. Organize events focused on customers
6. Behind the scenes


1. Create an epic meal at your venue


Pleasant surprises blended with the right doses of curiosity are always welcomed.

Post some captivating yet secretive themes on social media to arouse curiosity.

Discuss with your staff and plan, say, an 80,000-calorie black forest cake embellished with cherries that makes it all the more gorgeous for the special event.

Get your guests to make their reservations in advance – give a link on your social media.

Depending on the guests, ensure you create adequate seating spaces at your venue.


Christmas Meal


Arrange for a long table or platform wherein the huge cake can be placed.

The whole fun is that everyone would be given a cake knife and simultaneously everyone would cut, at the start of some unique song!

And, this would be followed by everyone sitting side–by–side on the chairs arranged on either side of the platform and having the pieces of the huge cake, together!

Make sure to post funny pictures and images of the event on your social media handles. This is a truly special category of Christmas promotion ideas for venues.


2. Include Hanukkah in your strategy


Quite often, in the frenzy and festive mood of Christmas and New Year, businesses forget Hanukkah.

Use this as a great venue promotion idea for December and make it a part of your marketing strategy.

You can certainly find a lot of customers who celebrate and enjoy the special occasion of Hanukkah.


Christmas Promotion Ideas for Venues - Hanukkah


It would be a great idea to beautify the decor of your venue with a variety of colorful lights, gold-colored papers, and other such festive items to create a theme.

Besides, you may offer special promotions on your website and venue.

This gesture will surely create a complete fervor among your customers – old and new – especially those celebrating Hanukkah.


3. Create a special “corner”


You could make your venue ultra-special during the holiday season by focusing on the niche tastes and preferences of your long-standing customers.

A great strategy would be to carve and decorate an exclusive area or “corner” in your venue.

If your venue is a bar, this could be a counter with some special drinks – not on the usual menu.


Christmas Corner


If you are a restaurant owner, create a special zone or stall like “Cake Point” or “Snack Corner,” which is especially for this month.

Bring in some new items or delicacies that inculcate the festive mood at your venue and amplify this special occasion on social media.


4. Create a new menu with micro-influencer names


Send out a pamphlet with a new menu of items with special names. These names could sound funny, weird, or partly a food name and partly a famous personality.

These personalities could be micro-influencers who are essentially tasters or influencers with a small yet passionate following. Mention in the pamphlets that these are items only served at the venue.

Use some unique ingredients to prepare these items and ensure they resonate in some way with the personalities or names they refer to.


New menu with micro-influencer names


Food bloggers and micro-influencers are garnering the attention of restaurant owners in a big way.

And December could be the perfect time for you to use their names in your special dishes each week.

These could be awesome Christmas promotion ideas for venues that could significantly boost your brand.


5. Organize events focused on customers


One of the awesome venue promotion ideas in December would be to turn your focus on some privileged customers.

December comes with festivities and fervor, making it a great opportunity to leverage.

Special events, games, or parties at the venue are excellent to keep your customers engaged.

If you are a pub owner, you could organize ball dances. Invite your esteemed customers to these special occasions with their families and ensure you create exquisite experiences at the venue.


Christmas event


Plan some exciting games for kids of customers who come in at the venue.

Don’t forget to click pictures and post them on social media to promote your venue further.

This would, in turn, boost your brand and increase your customer traffic.


6. Behind the scenes


Quite often, customers are curious about the plans and strategies you have for your bar, pub, or restaurant in the coming year.

And with December being the last month, the curiosities peak.

Say you have plans to include a new drink in your pub menu from the New Year.

Create a sneak peek of such new plans by creating an engaging video with the mixologist who will prepare this drink.


Christmas Promotion Ideas for Venues - Behind the Scenes


Share this video with your customers either by email or social media.

Alternatively, form small groups among your staff and ask for help creating some funny yet engaging videos of how they prepare delicacies in the restaurant kitchen.

Post these on social media and invite captions from your customers. Not only does your social media engagement ramp up, but your venue is promoted, too.


Wrapping up


Promoting your venue is as vital as promoting your product. This is equally paramount in boosting your brand and growing your presence.

The holiday season is a great time to leverage and get closer to your customers.

Follow the Christmas promotion ideas for venues outlined in the blog and add a new flavor to your venue this Christmas!

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