Apps for Venues – The Best Apps for a Successful Venue Business


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The right apps for venues can help increase revenue and/or decrease costs.

Opening and operating a venue business isn’t a small feat.

Like any other business, it requires your blood, sweat and a whole load of dedication.

But that doesn’t mean you have to always follow the path unfollowed to gain some business for your venue.

As you might already have heard, there are loads of apps that will help you keep your venue booked up for most of the days in a week and keep the cash flowing into your account.

And that’s what this blog is exactly about – the best apps that will help you run a successful venue business.

Without further ado, let’s get started.


How to choose an app that best fits your venue business


With many apps out there, it’s easy to get confused on what to purchase or use to make your day-to-day work life a bit easier.


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If that’s the case, when you are tempted to try out a new app, check for the following factors and decide if it’s worth your time and money.


1. Does the app provide more than one solution?


Since there are many things to take care of when you run a venue business, you shouldn’t have to install lots of apps on your phone to manage every small aspect of it.

For example, you need an app to plan and organize events, communicate with the attendees, keep a record of the entries, etc.


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So if you find an app that can do more than one thing for you, it’s a blessing in disguise.

Less apps = less management time.


2. Does the app provide you with great customer service?


You have a business to run.

If the app crashes every now and then and you have no customer service team to back you up, many things can go wrong.

You will then have to manually do all the jobs that need doing, which can get tiring and confusing really quickly.


Apps for venues customer service


To avoid such an unpleasant situation, ensure the app you get has good customer support and is easily understandable.

If the app has too many functions with little to no instructions on how to use it, it won’t reduce but add to your workload.


4 apps that will help you run a successful venue business


1. Bloc


Bloc is one of the best apps you can own as a venue business owner for pay-per-result advertising.

The app helps you get the required attendees for your venue just in time for the event.

The app gives rewards to people for attending venues so their users are motivated and engaged.

Another interesting feature of the app is that once your venue is registered, people in your locality can view the venue and attend it if they want to.


Bloc Rewards


They key reason why Bloc is so effective for venues is because it’s pay-per-result.

This means that a venue only pays for an attendee if that person actually physically attends the venue (tracked via geo-location).

So venues don’t pay for clicks and impressions where it is difficult to work out whether it’s actually working or not.

To explore Bloc’s advertising opportunities you can visit their website here.




You might have heard about from some of your colleagues or alike-business owners.

Primarily, is a great project management tool, but many don’t know that it can be doubled as one of the best apps for venues that lets you streamline all the tasks and keep all of your staff in the loop about the deadline.

In a single dashboard, the logged-in employees can see the progress of the overall event and even keep a tab on the workflow of their co-workers.


This will help you easily plan the activities and let everyone know if there’s any change made to the agenda.

The built-in templates for event management assist you in organizing the timelines, managing your overall event budget, and keeping track of the speakers and when and where they are to be used.

At the same time, the individual task rows, called pulses, help you track the dates, the number of registration received so far, and the requirements they need for that particular event.

The overall timeline, combined with pulse details, keeps you updated on all the necessary info without missing out on any minute details.


3. Bizzabo


Bizzabo is the one-stop solution to all your event and venue management needs.

One of the best apps for venues around.

It helps you build a website exclusively for your event, sell tickets online, gather the required attendee data, and even create reports towards the end of the event so that you can analyze whether it’s a success.

The app is a holy grail for those who don’t like to juggle between a lot of apps to get their work done.

With the drag-and-drop feature, website creation is made immensely easier.


Bizzabo Apps for venues


As for the attendee management, you can sort and segregate the list into different categories like speakers, VIPs, and attendees and then send each category a personalized set of emails that best addresses their needs and expectations.

You can even run a targeted marketing campaign for those attendees who didn’t complete the entire application process.

This helps you improve your ticket sales and spread the news about the event on social media.


4. 24me


The 24me app is a close replacement for a personal assistant. In fact, it would make a great digital assistant that keeps you in the loop of your to-do lists and the commitments on your calendar.

The app automates your tasks by sending you reminders from time to time.


apps for venues 24me


The app can also be connected to your social media accounts, service providers, and even financial institutions, so you will constantly be reminded of your financial bills and other important messages.


Final thoughts


That’s the list of the four most useful apps to run your venue business.

The apps make life a little bit easier and can increase revenue for your business.

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