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The Star of Bethnal Green: The Venue

The Star of Bethnal Green, known as “The Star” to locals, is a homely pub on Bethnal Green Road. It’s part of the Star family who own Star by Hackney Downs, Star of Kings, Leyton Star, The Heathcote and Star and The Fellowship and Star, which has recently just been successfully launched. Bloc users can receive 6 ⭐ for attending all their venues.

Rob Star, the mastermind behind the venues, also started the anticipated Eastern Electrics festival, which can be found in the ‘Specials’ section of Bloc and be checked into.

The Star is an unconventional watering hole that does it all. It’s quiet and relaxed during the daytime, with DJ’s in the evening getting people on their feet. It’s lively but not too busy and is spread over two floors. There is even a karaoke room.

The food is way above standard for any pub in London, with their burgers and Sunday roasts being the highlights. The drinks menu is robust, with locally brewed beers, classic cocktails and organic ciders. The wine list isn’t bad either.

There is even a loyalty card system for locals who can collect points on purchases to exchange for credit and they even get a free bottle of prosecco on their birthday.

The Star deserves it’s reputation and if you’re in the area we definitely recommend you go. It’s a great place to meet friends and the food is exceptional.


The Star of Bethnal Green


Check out this edgy eastern boozer and get 6 ⭐ when you attend. This is also a top venue for connecting with other people, it’s lively, fun and you won’t be disappointed.


How Bloc Users Can Earn Money By Attending The Star of Bethnal Green

As a Bloc user you can earn up to £250 by collecting Bloc’s in-app currency, ⭐. The ⭐ can earned in different ways but one way is via checking in and attending venues. Bloc user’s who attend The Star of Bethnal Green get 6 ⭐ for attending (we use geo-location to know if you have or not). 1000 ⭐ will get you £250. Here’s how the rewards are broken down:

1000 ⭐ = £250
750 ⭐ = £100
500 ⭐ = £50


The Star of Bethnal Green


There are also other ways to earn the ⭐ that work perfectly at this venue. Every time you receive a favourite you receive one ⭐. By checking in it means other users can see that you’re attending and favourite you if they want. They will lose one ⭐ but you will gain one ⭐. You can check-in to The Star of Bethnal Green on Bloc via their advert or searching for it in the tab bar by tapping ‘Check-in’.


How The Star of Bethnal Green Is Using Bloc Advertising

The Star of Bethnal Green is a featured venue on Bloc and is therefore placed in 4 different placements to increase their check-ins in the app. Bloc is the only pay-per-result advertising platform that works using geo-location. So a venue is only charged if someone actually attends their venue, making it risk-free and budget friendly.

Newsfeed Ad: this is displayed to every Bloc user within a 15 mile radius of The Star in their newsfeeds. Users can check-in directly via this ad and is a great way to showcase a venue with location based advertising.

Stardom: Star of Bethnal Green displays as a featured venue on our interactive map with a star instead of our Bloc logo. This differentiates it from the competition in a highly competitive area. This increases clicks to their venue by over 50%.

Top of Events: When a user searches for venues to check-in to on a specific date, The Star appears at the top of the events list. This obviously gets clicked on first which is an advantage over the local competition.



The Star



100 Yard Notification: when a user comes within 100 yards of The Star of Bethnal Green, a notification is sent to that user enticing them inside. This is powerful location based advertising that can draw people to the venue from the streets or other venues.

If you are a venue owner or advertiser you can learn more about Bloc advertising at New advertisers get £150 free credit to trial the service which they can cancel at anytime. Bloc is the only pay-per-result advertising platform that uses geo-location. So an advertiser only pays £2 (inc. VAT) per check-in, if the user actually attends, so it’s risk-free. With the free trial a new venue can get 75 customers for free.

You can learn more about The Star of Bethnal Green by visiting their website

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