Pub Turnover – 5 Top Tips for Improving Pub Turnover


Pub turnover


Maximizing pub turnover has become more important than ever for pub owners.

With the steep rise in costs in the last 10 years so many pubs have had to close as they couldn’t earn enough revenue.

They say, ‘Any pub is only as good as its crowd.’

As a manager of a pub, one of the major goals you’d have is to garner more attention and get more footfall at the venue.

This is especially true now more than ever as businesses are gaining momentum, and the public is stepping out without any apprehension of the pandemic.

So, if you’re wondering how you can get a higher pub turnover and generate better revenue, here’s some tips on what to do.

We’ll take you through a few simple tips to accomplish this.

While some might be like a one-time job/activity, others would be an always-on practice. Let’s jump in:


1. Establish an online presence
2. Organize events and themed parties
3. Engage your audience outside the pub
4. Collaborate with influencers and event organizers
5. Facebook and Instagram ads


1. Establish an online presence


Online presence in today’s scenario is everything.

In fact, it is an extensive process, which has multiple legs attached to it. To begin with, let us look at some of the key platforms you need to establish your pub on.

– Official Website
– Instagram
– Google My Business

Develop a professional website where people can reach out to you.

The website will be your space where people can make reservations, receive, and address feedback, display offers and other promotional content and more.


Venue online presence


Your Instagram and other such social media platforms can be used to share highlights of the week gone by.

This would create a sense of FOMO among your potential audience, and they’d turn up at the pub, to see what the fuss is all about.

You can do a whole lot more, which we’ll be discussing in a later section.

Google My Business can be an extension of your website.

It’s a professional front, for people to get your location, working hours, happy hours, and more.

You can use this to receive reviews and ratings from people and the better the rating, the better your reputation with people.


2. Organize events and themed parties


Curate and host themed parties for the people at your pub.

For instance, you could have the different genres of music as themes for every weekend. E.g. 80s Retro Sundays.

Your other days of the week could also be around other genres such as jazz, rock ‘n roll, hard rock, and more.

But don’t limit yourself to these.

Your events can also be around various occasions such as Halloween, Pride, Christmas, and more.


pub turnover - themed parties


Here’s a pro-tip though: organize themes and parties beyond just occasions.

People like to either try new things or become nostalgic and go back to the ‘good old days.’

So, curate your events around this ideology.

Throw in some party games and activities based on the age group and the kind of people you want to attract, and you’ll see an increase in the footfall.


3. Engage your audience outside the pub


This is one of the most important parts of your customer lifecycle.

People enter your pub, shake a leg to some tunes, eat delicious food, and have some drinks, and then they leave.

What happens after?

It’s a question that you need to answer.

There can be numerous answers to this question, but there’s a chance that it might have the word engagement at the center of it all.


friends in venue


Try to engage your audience the following day as well. It could be through taking suggestions for what the next weekend’s theme should be.

Or it could also be them sharing their funniest stories along with a picture they clicked in your pub.

The idea is to stay in people’s minds after they’ve left your place and give them a reason to return.

With platforms such as Instagram, you can interact with your audience and find out what makes them tick.

It’s ‘going that extra mile’ that matters, to ensure that your customer remembers your pub fondly.

That way, the next weekend they are looking for a pub to hang out at with their friends, your name makes the top of their list.


4. Collaborate with influencers and event organizers


We’re now living in the era of influencers and it’s good to leverage them.

Before you do, it’s important to understand a couple of things.

When you find influencers, you must ensure that their vibe, and usual brand match yours – only then will their audience connect with your content as well.

Another thing is to understand precisely why you’re collaborating.

The end goal is to have a higher pub turnover.


pub turnover influnecers


So, work with them to create content, promotional assets, and more, to accomplish your goal.

So, have a clear plan when you work with influencers and the results would be impeccable.
Collaborations with event organizers can work in two broad ways.

One would be to use their services to organize some of your events and parties.

The other would be to provide your space for some events that they are organizing.

You could rent your space and services, and in return, people would discover your pub.


5. Facebook and Instagram ads


All your offers, discounts, party announcements, and more can be posted on social media and advertised through Facebook and Insta Ads.

People spend a lot of time on social media platforms and targeting them through these ads is a productive way to get footfall.

I saved this one for the last because it is an extension of the other tips.


Facebook and Instagram ads


Overall, these are the top 5 tips and strategies to improve your pub’s turnover and generate higher revenue.

Now that you know this, it’s time you get started!

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