3 Energy Saving Tips For Your Pub


Energy Saving Tips For Your Pub


Pubs and energy bills have a dangerous marriage!

If you run a pub or bar, then you’ll know that energy costs can be steep.

This is why it’s so important to take steps to reduce these costs and make sure they don’t spiral out of control.

Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways to cut down on your gas bill and still keep your customers happy with great service and a warm atmosphere.

In this blog post, we’ll explain how you can save money on heating bills by following simple tips that will make everyone in the bar feel cosy as toast!


Tips to cut energy costs at your pub or bar:


1. Ensure your lights are switched off when they are not in use
2. Install a temperature control system
3. Keep your doors closed


A good first step is to check your energy bill. In the UK, energy providers offer a number of ways to help cut down on costs and carbon emissions:

– Switching suppliers can save you money on gas and electricity bills.

– You can get a smart meter that will show how much power you’re using at any time. This can help you identify when certain appliances are being used most and whether they need replacing or upgrading (for example, if your fridge freezer is 16 years old). A new model could be more efficient than an older one and use less electricity every month—which means lower bills for you!


Smart Reader


– Install a timer switch to control heating costs: If there are times when no one’s going to be around for several hours at night (such as when the pub closes), set up a timer switch so that heaters don’t have to run continuously during those periods; this will save money since they won’t needlessly keep heating rooms when no one will be using them until morning comes around again.


1. Ensure your lights are switched off when they are not in use


Turning off lights in your pub or bar is one of the most crucial ways to save energy.

Lighting can be left on by mistake and often by staff who are rushing around closing up for the evening.

It’s also common for guests to leave their lights on when they leave your establishment so that they can see their way out safely.

The best way to ensure that you don’t waste energy with unnecessary lighting is by simply making sure all lamps and bulbs are turned off when they are not needed.


Save energy by switching off the lights


This means switching off all lights when leaving your pub or bar – whether you’re going home for the day or just popping down for a quick pint!

It’s also important to ensure that all your lights have the right wattage and colour temperature.

You don’t want too many bright white fluorescent bulbs in one room, as this will cause eye strain for your customers and staff.


2. Install a temperature control system


Serve draught beer from the cellar to the bar using a temperature control system, reducing the amount of cold air being vented from the cellar into the bar area.

If you have a cellar and a bar, or even just one of these areas, it’s worth installing a temperature control system to keep the beer at the right temperature.


Temperature Control System


– Set up your cellar-to-bar system so that as soon as you open a keg in the cellar, cool air is delivered to your taps via refrigerated lines and chilled coils. This will ensure your beer stays at its optimal temperature throughout serving time. It’ll also reduce the amount of waste heat that would otherwise be vented out of your pub into customer areas when pouring pints from an unrefrigerated tap line.

– You can save on energy by using these systems because they use less energy than re-chilling warm beer through ice baths or ice towers – which takes time that customers may not want to wait for (especially if they’re impatient!).


3. Keep your doors closed


When you are closed, keep your doors closed and turn down the heating. This will help to keep heat in and save on energy costs.

When you are open, it’s a good idea to have the heating on low so that customers don’t feel cold when they first walk into your pub.


Pub doors closed


You can also close the doors of rooms that aren’t being used to keep them warm for when you next need them!


Final thoughts


You can save money in the long term by using energy-efficient equipment and making changes to your heating.

You can also save money on your electricity bill by turning off lights, keeping doors closed and lowering the temperature when you are not in use.

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